Boulder, Colorado

October 11, 2019


1 Day Mastermind by April Beach

You're a brave and fabulous woman. 

You're driven by growth, a balanced lifestyle and passion, and you're willing to invest time, money and work to build your business.

You dream of rewriting the rules to make money and grow a business on your terms to live the life you want.

You want to make an impact. 

You also want to follow and learn from someone that has put the hard work in, and practices what they preach. 




Sorry... no girlie-girls allowed.

There's more to entrepreneurship than fancy Instagram filters and perfect headshots.

But I'm sure you've figured that out...

To design your life and business you need grit, vision and a step by step plan.

In fact...

Research tells us that when we get out of our comfort zone = our vision becomes clearer and we're unstoppable. This is called "flow" and it's what separates those who have dreams from those who achieve them.

At Peak Experience Mastermind you will tap into "flow", see your business clearer than ever before, push through barriers, and personally strategize with April Beach to create your lifestyle business map.



We'll get started at 10:00 am on Friday, October 11th and head to mountains to hike one of Boulder's most scenic vistas with a catered lunch and great company. 

Throughout the day you will be assigned business, mindset and strategy challenges to work through.

While breathing fresh mountain air you'll break through barriers that have held you back and commit to who you're called to be.

In the company of like-minded women you'll set your 2020 vision and the plan to achieve it.

April will guide you to make tough decisions, overcome barriers, commit to your purpose, ideas, discard distractions, and master your business in a deeper way than ever before.

Boulder, Colorado






You'll continue the growth you've experienced throughout the day as we relax, unwind, and enjoy a private dinner with April Beach overlooking Boulder, Colorado.

We'll talk about the business revelations you experienced, the new peaks you've set for yourself, and continue your business planning and strategy discussions.

Flagstaff House



Who Is:


Few business coaches in the world are like April Beach.  She has the ability to turn your ideas, thoughts and crazy dreams into a step by step roadmap. April has consulted thousands of women to launch and scale their business since she was 21, and has and lived life on her terms forever. Growing up running her family's brands while traveling, April's practical and proven experience of cutting the BS and getting results have landed her in magazines, on television, on leading podcasts and countless documentaries. 

April currently resides in Boulder, Colorado with her husband of 20 years and three sons. 

April is host of the Apple top rated SweetLife Entrepreneur Podcast™, author, parent coaching industry creator, environmental nonprofit founder, laptop-lifestyle pioneer, and the go-to business strategist for women who want to design their life, live on their terms, and do good things in the world. 



October 11, 2019 • Boulder, CO


Rise and shine with views of the Flatirons, freshly brewed coffee and a light breakfast with your future entrepreneur best friends. 

Spend the day breathing fresh rocky mountain air on a guided hike to one of Boulder's most popular scenic overlooks (moderate difficulty) with a catered lunch.

Connect your life and business purpose in a deeper way than ever before as you're guided through mindset and business challenges that all high-level lifestyle entrepreneurs must experience to bring their vision to life (the things you can't get from a course, book, or even a coaching session).

After a day of mental and physical growth, we'll clean up like the sexy ladies we are, and enjoy cocktails and a private dinner at the Flagstaff House for ongoing masterminding and a lot of laughs.