4 Pitches To Land Your Dream Business Affiliates

“The fastest way to grow your business is to borrow someone else’s audience.”  Kathy Haan
This has to be one of my favorite business quotes of all time. Because it is so very true. And this is why I recommend starting a business affiliate partnership with another brand. 
But gaining affiliate partnerships is not easy, especially if you are trying to win a partnership with an industry leader. But don’t despair. You can definitely win your dream business affiliates if you take the right action. 
With these proven pitches shared here,  you will know how to pitch to your potential business affiliate partners effectively in order to win that much-desired partnership.

Where To Start? 

To ensure that your partnership is a mutually beneficial one, you need to find the right partner. If you have not already done so and you are not sure where to begin, you can read our previous blog post on how to find the right business affiliate partner here

Highlight your value as a business.

The more valuable you are as a partner the more likely companies will want to work with you and promote you. So don’t be afraid to let your partners know how much of an asset you are to their business and to their audience. Once you have succeeded in gaining their attention, you need to deliver an amazing pitch to seal the deal. 

Sell your pitch.

Companies are extremely busy and will only give you one shot to put your best foot forward. You need to make a great first impression. So what you pitch and how you deliver is extremely important. 
This will take a little bit of research and digging. Find out how you will be able to help that partner reach their business goals. Once you have established what those goals are, it is time to head into battle. So here it is, I am going to give you four (4) pitch strategies you can use to land your dream affiliates the first time. 

Pitch 1: Share great content for partners to post.

Content is one of the most powerful ways to create partnerships and connect with an audience. The value of engaging content is astonishing, and businesses are always looking for content to share with their audience. If you are able to produce high-quality articles or create engaging videos and other forms of content that will improve the image of your potential partner, do it. You can offer those services as a part of your partnership. 
Start by reaching out with a sample of original content that you want to share. You want to produce at least three (3) samples for them. Ensure that this content has never been seen before and is indeed original. 
This goes without saying, but make sure it is some of your best work. When reaching out, you can let them know that this is your content, it’s completely original content, and they are invited to post and share with their audience. This is mutually beneficial as they will get high-quality content for free, and you will get credit for that content and get in front of your partner’s audience. 

Pitch 2: Host an event for your potential affiliate.

Companies like to been seen as leaders in their niche. So many will jump at the opportunity to showcase their expertise. Essentially with this method you will stroke their ego. So host an event, and invite your potential partner to be a guest expert speaker. 
This can be a podcast, live social media stream, or a video interview that you will share with your audience at a later time. Be sure that you are tagging those partners when you are sharing this content. This may not get you in front of their audience, but it will definitely allow your partner to see you in a positive light and a as valuable asset. 
The bonus to this strategy is that no one else does this so it will definitely give you an advantage. You can even take this strategy a step future with these star marketing strategies. 
  1. Create a custom graphic logo to highlight your partnership that your partner can use in their business and post to their social media. An example would be an “As seen on your business name” or “Proud partner of your business name.” This kind of promotion will further cement your partner as an expert to their audience, and they will appreciate that. 
  2. Another gold-star marketing strategy is to create ready-to-post social media graphics for them. Start by using their head shot and the custom logo you created. Send those graphics to them to share on their social media. These strategies are extremely effective especially if you are a new business as it will give you the edge over your competitors. Additionally, it will let your partners see you as the go-to business and a potential partner for the future. 

Pitch 3: Teach for them.

You will need to research and identify your potential partner's needs. Find out what they aren’t delivering in terms of content to their audience, and offer to speak/teach for them. This is of course at no charge. 
Reach out to your partner with a list of topics that you are an expert in, and you can teach to their audience. To make things easier you can send them your speaker one-pager or media press pitch pack along with your list of topics. If you need more help or specific examples of media kits, please visit our previous blog post here for details. 
When you send your press and media kit to potential partners, you can offer to speak at an event or participate in an interview or just create a video they can later share with their audience. You can be as creative as you want. With this strategy, you are establishing yourself as an expert. 

Pitch 4: Collaborate to create something new.

Reach out to partners with the intention of creating something authentic and new together. This can range from products and services to never-seen-before content. The sky is the limit. Think about what amazing product you can create with other businesses that serve your same audience and work towards filling a gap somehow. 
An example of a great collaboration would be a company that teaches entrepreneurs the skills they need to run a business, but maybe this company doesn’t not have the expertise to teach entrepreneurs how to launch their business. So a great partner to collaborate with would be a company that teaches clients how to launch their business. This collaboration could result in the two companies creating and offering a complete business package. 

Go win over your dream affiliates.

With these amazing pitch strategies, you can go after your dream business affiliates. For those new businesses or those who are still in the early stages of their development, don’t worry if you do not have a large audience yet. With these award-winning strategies, you will still be able to win great partnerships with larger and well-established brands. 
However, I will admit that it will be challenging. Challenging, but not impossible. If you are not quite ready to pitch to larger brands, I would then recommend that you go after partners that are at the same stages of development as you. 
Always put your best foot forward when making your pitches in order to secure your partnerships. Reality is this: many businesses will not give you a second chance at this. You’re already great at what you do so let that confidence shine through, and lead with a servant’s heart.  You can never go wrong with that attitude driving your motivation and action.
And I want to hear from you.  Leave me a comment, and let me know what pitch you plan on using!

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