4 Steps To Land Any Business Affiliate Partnership You Want

Tapping into someone else’s audience and developing affiliate partnerships is a great way to gain exposure for your services. Although this business model can be utilized by anyone, it is ideal for those just launching their business. This model will also work for those who have a new product to promote or those who are entering a new market.

If this piques your interest and seems like a viable option for growth (because it is), then begin by answering the following questions:

  • How do I get the business I want to work with to promote my services?
  • How can I find businesses to network with to get my business off the ground?

Maybe this strategy has been on your radar, but you are yet to land your first business partner or would like to increase your success rate. I am sharing the step-by-step process on how to land any business affiliate partnership you want.

These are the same proven strategies I’ve been teaching since 2008 which landed me partnerships with brands like WholeFoods Market, TheBump.com, Patagonia, Britax, Women’s Entertainment Network and more.

How To Land Your Business Affiliate Partnerships

First, think about why other brands would want to work with you. Once you have established this, find a brand to work with that will provide a mutually beneficial partnership. Most companies don’t have the time to acknowledge your attempts to work with them. These brands won’t be bothered to listen to you unless you bring something to the table that will grab their attention.

The brutal reality is that without spending tons of money on marketing, some of you will not be able to sell your services or grow your business without the aid of these healthy partnerships. So how do you attain these partnerships? There are four steps to landing that much-desired partnership.

Step 1: Do your research.

To ensure that your business will grow and benefit from this partnership you need to ensure that you first find the right partners. Your goal should be to work with the best. Sounds pretty straight forward doesn’t it?

In many cases, there are brands that will look excellent on paper at first glance but in fact, they really aren't. So do your research.

When searching for great business partnerships you need to ask yourself this question: Do they reach your ideal audience? You need to identify who they serve and when they serve that audience. To be clear, the perfect partner will be those who are reaching your ideal BEFORE they will need what you sell.

Step 2: Find out what your prospective partner is missing.

Find out what your partner is missing and how you can assist with this to improve their brand. You can figure this out by analyzing what services their clients want and what that they currently don't provide.

This could actually be a service they do provide, but they are not experts in this area. They need assistance to improve the service. This can range from products to content that their audience might need. You can offer to step in and provide this service, especially if it is your area of expertise.

An excellent example of an ideal affiliate partnership would be copywriters partnering with a marketing firm. Another example is for those who are staffing companies to offer their services to a service-based company.

Step 3: Make a plan.

Let’s face it, everyone is busy, and time is a valuable commodity. So if a potential partner takes the time to listen to your pitch, it is imperative that you are prepared. You need to have systems in place as well as a solid plan on how you intend to help that business.

You need to show them what type of service you will provide, how and when you will provide it. Because if you are not prepared, your potential partners will see that. Being unprepared makes you look unprofessional and difficult to work with. These potential partners will automatically think that you will cost them time and money, and they WILL turn you down.

You also need to ensure that the plan is simple and organized and easy to understand. This is necessary in the event that your plan needs to be communicated to someone else who may be the decision-maker.

Be willing to amend your plans once you have listened to your prospective partner's needs. Let your prospective partner know that you may have presented a plan; however, you are open to suggestions on how to improve those plans based on their needs. After you have listened to their suggestions, you will want to modify your original plan and represent it to them.

Step 4: Be selfless.

This step is incredibly important. You need to understand that when you reach out to a prospective partner it has nothing to do with you or your business. Can I say that louder for the ones in the back?

You need to reach out with a servant's heart and show these brands how you can help them achieve their goals. Not yours.

At this point, I know you must be confused. Yes, the goal is for a mutually beneficial relationship. Yes, the goal is for you to grow your business. That is what I want for you. But the reality is that you will not win any partnerships if you start out thinking about how you will benefit before your partnership even starts.

So start by serving them (to a reasonable extent of course). In the early stages of your partnership, don’t be bothered by the fact that you are not seeing the benefits of your partnership right way. I can assure you that once you help serve them, your business will in turn grow and start to benefit from the partnership.

This is a win-win strategy.

To land the best business affiliates you need to say the right things, approach them in the right way, and present your business as an asset they can’t live without. This is one of the best tactics to grow your business and get much-needed exposure. However, relationships like these will only be beneficial if you find the right partner because it can make or break your business.

I want you to score massive success because I have seen and experienced first hand, many times over how this can and will work.That means getting your hands dirty and doing your research to see if your potential business partners serve your audience and at what point. Approach potential partners with a sincere, servant's heart in order to prove how much of an asset you can be to them and their brand.


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