How to Create Services That Sell Right Now

Generating sales is usually the driving force for many businesses. However, as markets change, your ability to provide and sell relevant products and services to your niche market becomes a constant struggle.

During this pandemic, this statement holds true...and maybe more than ever before. This is simply because people are more cautious about how they spend their money. Especially in the world where economies have been hit and incomes have been affected. Buyers are only focusing on the essentials of life.

With this change, I understand if the main concern on your mind right now is how to create services that sell right now. And if you are an established business struggling to get sales or you are getting sales, but you are considering scaling your business through online offers, this is for you. This information will also help you if you are a new business trying to determine their first service and trying to get an offer on the market that will sell right now.


Get to know your right-now buyer.

How do you position your business to tap into the way buyers are buying right now? The answer is simple. You need to know as much as you can about your buyers. Right now there are many people out there who are spending money but they are focused on products and services that they desperately need. And this is what we need to be aiming for with our product offerings.

But having the right product is not enough. As I said before, these buyers are more selective about how they spend their money. Buyers want to see the transformation process they can expect from your service. In other words they want to see from start to finish where their business is and where your product or service will take them to improve their business.


Customers want proof of a transformation.

Unfortunately, your right now buyer will want to see what that transformation is before they buy your service. So you need to clearly communicate the transformation process as well as the end result if you want them to buy from you.

In addition to communicating the transformation process, right-now buyers want all services to be at their convenience and on their schedule. And that may be difficult while running a business along with your other responsibilities. However, an online business model can help with relieving some of the pressures of meeting these buyer demands.

If you have not started with your online business model and still looking to launch a portion of your business online, you can visit and download my ultimate guide to the online business model here. This is a detailed 14-page guide that outlines the different types of online business models as well as all the programs and services that companies can offer online within these models.


More people are searching for solutions online.

Another reason an online business model is so important is that many of your right now buyers are searching online for the services they need. A year ago these buyers may not have been as comfortable buying services such as consulting, therapy, or even yoga classes online. But things have changed and now this is the way of the world. So if you haven't already launched your online business model then you need to right now.


How to tell if your service will sell right now.

In order to create the services needed by your right now buyers, you need to take a look at your current offers. From there you can determine which offer is the right one to sell right now. Can this offer be modified to suit your right-now buyers? Or do you need to develop a whole new offer? In order to determine your course of action, there are seven (7) questions you should be asking yourself to gain clarity in your business. These questions will help you to determine how to find the solution for what products are selling now and what to offer to your right now buyers.

  1. What is your primary offer right now?
  2. Is that primary offer selling? Did it sell in the past? And if so, is that offers sales holding steady?
  3. Does your offer solve an immediate problem for your client? If you are a new business and you currently do not have an offer, think of what offers you can provide that will solve an immediate problem for your client.
  4. Do you need to make any alterations to improve your current offer?
  5. Does your offer create a reputation for your company that you want to be known for?
  6. Does your offer allow you to operate in your zone of genius?
  7. Finally, is your offer and making you enough money?

If you have answered all these questions and still unsure about what to do in order to find what products and services that are selling right now, here are some additional business tips.

  • Consider creating a signature offer you want to be known for.
  • Ask questions and listen to your market. You can achieve this b simply talking to your clients to see what their immediate needs are.
  • Lastly, consider launching an online service to scale your business. Many of your right now buyers are online looking for services so that's where you should be.


Fix immediate problems with an online business model.

It does not matter if you are a new or established business, you need to be able to offer products and services that solve an immediate need for your buyers in order to get your services to sell right now. Of these offers, you also need to determine how your offer fits your company's long-term goals.

Finally, consider creating an online business model if you do not have one. Going online with immediate solutions for right-now buyers for will help set your business up for the long haul.



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