Your Signature Offer - Group Test Format

$250.00 USD

You've received an exclusive invitation to join YOUR SIGNATURE OFFER in the beta round! 

As a member you will get to work directly with April Beach as she delivers content and coaching to help you define "your signature offer", become known and set your business apart. 

You will become a legacy member and be granted future access to all revisions of YOUR SIGNATURE OFFER forever at no fee. 

Estimated time, 4-6 weeks (lifetime access to recordings) 

Estimated kick off, April 26th 


Course Goal:  To help entrepreneurs stand out and become known by creating a signature offer that sets them apart.

Your Signature Offer is open to new and established business owners who desire to develop a clear offer that delivers over the top results to grow their business, increase profit and make their brand stand out in all the noise.

Prerequisite: You are ready for this course when you’ve established your niche and your professional lifestyle goals. Ideal students will also know their purpose and how that fits into their business plan.

In Your Signature Offer you will:

  • Identify your ideal clients - exactly what they are looking for and missing
  • Learn to think disruptively - serve people in new and fresh ways, develop new products and forge new paths
  • Stand out in your space - create something newsworthy and needed
  • Outline your offer - define the investment, details, content and deliverables that get you noticed
  • Build your offer - immediate actions to go to launch
  • Test your theory - hands on support to make it perfect (beta testers and testimonies for YOUR offer!)

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I understand that this is beta testing and the course outline and deliverables may change. 

I will provide feedback to April Beach when requested and a testimony of my results from this program to be shared with future students.

I understand this program is non refundable. 

I may be asked to beta test other member offers and will do so if I am able and interested. No obligation is required to test other members' programs but it's a perk that comes with beta.