with April Beach + Team

Thursday, February 18, 2021, 12-6 EASTERN TIME

Your Signature Offer™ is a one-of-a-kind training that gives entrepreneurs, experts, and small business owners the exact formula to create and develop your world-class method, offer, program, service, course, event or package to become an Undisputed Leader™ in your niche.



A proven methodology. 

For over 12 years we've perfected the framework that's helped thousands of entrepreneurs design and develop their signature programs, courses, memberships, offers, methods, and scalable business models.


This 1-day event is guaranteed to change the trajectory of your business.

Have you’ve been struggling to?
  • Stand out in the flood of online “experts”
  • Clarify your message and marketing
  • Increase sales in such a way that clients flow to you with ease
  • Organize your ideas, assets, or current services into a leading signature program?
  • Choose your business model? Course, membership, event, mastermind, license, certification... the list goes on.
  • Or scale your business exponentially with the perfect programs and offers?

Please join us so that I can teach you my industry-leading framework that will turn your ideas, experiences, expertise, and fragmented offers into your Industry Leading Method™ and Your Signature Offer™ that has been the missing piece in your business for so long. 

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Your Signature Offer™ helps entrepreneurs extract and organize their ideas, experiences, current services, thoughts, goals and assets, and create a new signature service, program or offer to scale, profit, and become the Undisputed Leader™.

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April Beach is a business development strategist and consultant who helps small businesses launch, grow and scale online. She’s a speaker, offer creation and method strategist, online business model expert, podcast host, nonprofit founder, and mom of three.

April has consulted entrepreneurs to launch and scale for 24 years and is host of the SweetLife Entrepreneur Podcast™, founder of The SweetLife Company, creator of the parent coaching industry, and has been featured by TODAY, MSNBC, in The New York Times, 5280 Magazine, Austin Women’s Magazine, the Denver Business Journal, Patagonia Magazine, and was named "The Greatest Thinker" of 2011 by the Denver Post. 

April first created the Your Signature Offer™ method in 2008, while teaching new entrepreneurs a predictable system to design winning services. Since, Your Signature Offer™ creation method has been taught to companies large and small, in over 13 countries to create methods, programs, offers, and services that deliver predictable-transformational and measurable results.
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April currently presides as the Principal of The SweetLife Company, host of the SweetLife Entrepreneur Podcast™, and CEO of Baby Planner Inc. You'll often find her hiking in the mountains above Boulder, CO. on a plane to LA so her son can dance, or on the sidelines of muggy lacrosse fields back East, where her oldest and youngest tend the goal.

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Who needs a signature method & offer? 

  • Struggle to become known
  • Struggle to lead in their niche
  • Struggle to standout on social media
  • Struggle to scale
  • Struggle to hit financial benchmarks
  • Struggle creating clear systems
  • Struggle to delegate to teams
  • Struggle with clear messaging
  • Struggle to articulate the results you deliver
  • Struggle actually delivering results
  • Struggle becoming significant
  • Struggle to achieve entrepreneur lifestyle freedom
  • Have customers who struggle to understand why they should buy


ONLY $77

FEBRUARY 18, 2021

  • $9923 in savings over working with April 1-1 to access her Your Signature Offer Leaders™ Program and Service Creation System™
  • Breakout Rooms for Personal Support 
  • Expert Teaching to Develop Your Leading Method
  • Your Signature Offer™ and Service Creation System™ Actions Sheets that have guided others to success for over 12 years
  • Step by Step Instruction to Create your signature program that sells out
  • Assistance Organizing Your Ideas and Expertise
  • Business Modeling for high profit, low-stress lifestyle results
  • Team of offer and curriculum experts at your fingertips for the whole day
  • Opportunities for deeper implementation with April Beach and the SweetLife Co. Team