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The industry-leading masterclass that teaches entrepreneurs to turn their ideas and expertise into hybrid offers, courses, membership communities, services, masterminds, and virtual events that crush the 97% failure rate and carves their path to Millions.

Hey there!

You're here because you need a leading offer, program, MRR, course, and coaching method that brings your business to a Million.

You're experienced, with ideas and programs you've launched in the past, but extracting your expertise,  organizing your assets, blueprinting your ideal suite of offers, and structuring them into a business model that's guaranteed to deliver the profit and lifestyle you want, poses a challenge. 

I help leaders and experts solve those problems and build their million-dollar custom programs in this exclusive Signature Offer Masterclass.

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This is not "another program" you won't finish. In fact, this is not a standard "program" at all; this is personal coaching and live instruction for leaders.

This is not a cookie-cutter program and you will not become a clone.

If you are not willing to work hard and extract your genius, you're in the wrong place.

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You'll learn the secret framework that crushes the 97% program failure rate.

You'll develop your own intellectual property and custom program framework.

You'll blow your own mind when you see what you create.

At the end of Your Signature Offer™ your genius will be extracted and organized, your custom suite of offers will be planned, your method will be nailed, and your signature program will be engineered to guarantee a transformation.

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Your Signature Offer™ is a 6 week masterclass, taught at select times, to select entrepreneurs and experts. 


The frameworks from Your Signature Offer™ have been significant in the buildout of an entire coaching industry, as well as some of the most successful online courses, virtual programs and masterminds since 2006.


Entrepreneurs join Your Signature Offer™ when they're ready to organize their ideas and assets, and build the program that will change their life and business, and that of others. 

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  • Simplify your business operations to scale

  • Lead your niche

  • Clarify your message

  • Communicate your offer cleary

  • Connect quickly with your clients

  • Engineer your offer to reach 1 Million yearly

  • Create your own systems and frameworks

  • Easily delegate to your teams

  • Articulate the end results your client can expect 

  • Be confident that you are creating an offer that is impactful, transformational and significant

This one masterclass saves entrepreneurs up to 10 years because when you have a system to organize your thoughts, ideas, skills, expertise, content and assets into your perfect program and profit plan, you'll never have to learn how again. 

You’ve bought all courses on how sell, market, write copy, make videos, and even create your course, launch your event and grow your list, and you've paid to be part of high-end masterminds. But, you’ve never been given the framework to design your genius into the actual content, to harness your ideas, gather your assets, and structure an offer that guarantees results for your business and your clients. Until now.

The truth is...


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If you don't have a proven method and program that delivers predictable, transformational, measurable results™ 

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You've probably never heard of me, and for good reason… 

I'm not the one in front - I'm a business architect, offer engineer, transformational course creator, strategist, consultant, and advisor to experts.

Which means...

I may not be the one with thousands of Instagram followers - but I’m one that taught the entrepreneur with thousands of followers to design her courses and deliver transformational results so people love her.

And I may not be the one speaking on huge stages - but I’m the one who helped him engineer and articulate his big ideas into a strategic plan and suite of offers with programs, memberships, and a  mastermind so that he can speak on huge stages and leave a legacy.


For 25 years (17 hyper-niched in online business) I’ve been teaching my process of developing custom business models, methods, frameworks, courses, and online programs that disrupt markets, change lives, explode businesses, and are guaranteed to deliver a transformation so that you’ll become the undisputed leader you know you’re called to be. 

I have consulted entrepreneurs to launch and scale for 25 years and am host of the SweetLife Entrepreneur Podcast™, founder of The SweetLife Company™, creator of the parent coaching industry, and I've been featured by TODAY, MSNBC, in The New York Times, 5280 Magazine, Austin Women’s Magazine, the Denver Business Journal, Patagonia Magazine, and was named "Top 50 In Podcasting" 2021, and "The Greatest Thinker" of 2011 by the Denver Post.

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I'm the architect that helps experts organize their genius, build their programs and design their business for high-profit, deep impact, lifestyle freedom. I've done this for myself and I bring my lifetime of entrepreneurship and decades of consulting, blueprints, systems, and genius to your table for the taking.

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"April was great at extracting the expertise that I already had, and she helped me to map out my signature offer and build out my entire plan and timeline to roll out my $5K program and my 30K high-level offer completely."

Casey Thornton

Founder, Kingdom Collective™ 

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"I think what I was most proud of was really creating a clear path for teaching my signature offer both from clarity and also infusing measurable transformation at every stage. I loved the training and enjoyed the process. I appreciate how April approaches the signature offer process. Loved connecting with all the participants for sure." 

- Njeru Nthigah

Founder, The Client Creator Method™

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"April! I wanted to thank you for your help. We are about to launch our new community board and virtual membership and we learned so much from you. A huge thank you to you!!! I wanted to let you know what a huge help you were."


Grace Kraaijvanger


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"April Beach is at the forefront of understanding, building and scaling the complexities of online programs and courses, and what it takes to thrive when you develop and launch them. Her feedback and expertise were instrumental in helping HeyMama analyze our offerings.  She has an incredible way of instilling calm, confidence and a strategic action plan for a business that leads to measurable results."

Katya Libin

Co-Founder & CEO at HeyMama

Never again question how to structure your programs: 

“how long should it be?”

“should this content be included?”

“what deliverables should I give?”

“what price should I charge?”

“what is the perfect up-sell?”

“am I really any good?”

“are people going to finish it?”

“did I teach this material well?”

“am I delivering a transformation?” 

“what model should I launch? A course, membership, group...?” 


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Design Your Perfect, Custom or Hybrid Offer Model

Nail the type of program you're building. Know the ins and outs of every online business model from courses and memberships, to masterminds, virtual events, and more. You'll also know how to design your perfect hybrid model, create your suite of offers, and build your Offer Profit Plan™.

Choose between a Foundational Signature Offer™ and an Influencing Signature Offer™ and which is the right one for you to build right now.

Access the one and only Transformational Program Design™ Framework that's helped experts and entrepreneurs extract their genius, ideas, assets, goals and dreams, and turn your thoughts into high-profit business and deep purpose reality.

You'll know exactly what type of program to launch that aligns with your purpose, profit plan, and lifestyle


Mine Your Genius Gold + Build On The Work You've Already Done

Nail your niche, establish your expertise and take the lead. Mine for the gold you've already created, and take an inventory of the offers, services, videos, forms, content and piles of notes you've collected that hold the wealth of your untapped purpose and genius the world has been waiting for. Tap into the time-saving Asset Inventory System™ to remember and maximize all the work you've already done, and organize your new ideas into the perfect program, so they never get lost.

Assess the need, know the pain, and understand the desire your service, course, or membership fulfills, and build a program your customer needs, wants and is sure to buy.

You'll have crystal clear insight into what should be included in your new Transformational Signature Program™ or Course, what are up-sells, cross-sell, or down-sells, what to revise, revive or re-create and what, and what does not belong in your offer at all. You'll know exactly what Your Signature Offer™ is missing and have a strategic, fast-tracked plan to bring it to life.


Create Your Method To A Million™ and Your Genius Frameworks™

Every company must have a methodology, framework, process, principals, core components, or systems that guide their clients through a transformation and deliver predictable-measurable results.

But, creating Your Offer Transformation Story™ is easier said than done, and becoming a trusted leader requires much more than simply outlining steps to success.

In this project, you'll tap into the leading Transformational Course™ and Transformational Program Design™ framework that's helped past entrepreneurs extract their expertise and design trustworthy, notable processes, programs, offers, services, and methods for over 15 years! When created correctly, your method becomes the leading solution for your ideal clients. This is how you become the Undisputed Leader™ in your space.

Your Method To Millions™ is much more than an outline, it's your industry-leading intellectual property and the foundation for the future of your business, your scalability, your growth, your acquisition, your profit, and your impact.


Extract Your Genius and Fulfill Your Promise

You're now ready to curate, create and fill in the complete content that will be your signature program. By using the Service Creation System™, first designed by April Beach in 2006 to create the scope of practice and launch a completely new coaching industry from scratch. The Service Creation System™ has guided thousands of international entrepreneurs and experts to extract their genius, organize their thoughts, and turn their ideas into high-profit, industry-leading program and service reality.

This proven system will be all yours! Once you learn April's System, you'll know how to design game-changing offers forever! 

You'll receive complete access to the Transformational Program Design™ Frameworks, and Transformational Course™ Tools; the proven, step-by-step methods to successfully strategize, design, and build out the benchmarks in your program so to guarantee, without a shadow of a doubt, that Your Signature Offer™ delivers, predictable-transformational-measurable results every single time.

You'll fill up your content with clarity and confidence, and never be overwhelmed or confused about how to engineer your programs again!

When you follow April's industry-leading, proven process, you'll boldly charge your program's worth, shout from the mountain-tops how amazing your offer is, and sleep well every night knowing you've truly created the solution that changes businesses and lives.

Now that you've done the work and tapped into the system that has been creating industry-leading Transformational Programs, Services, Courses and Memberships for over a decade, you'll deeply understand the value of your offer and price it with confidence.


Build Your Transformational Signature Offer™, Course, Program, Service or Membership

Discover Transformational Program Design™ = The proven system to deliver the perfect content, in the perfect way, at the perfect time, that assures your clients receive predictable-transformational-measurable results. You're doing more than launching a new offer, you're changing someone's life or business.

Nail the way you deliver the content within Your Signature Offer™. Access Business Model Templates that turn the hard task of deciding how you'll deliver your offer (videos, meetings, group calls, live, on-demand content, etc.) into clear steps to create a disruptive hybrid offer, that's exactly what people need. You'll also understand done for you, done with you, DIY, and which/if any you'll use in your program, with advanced knowledge in courses, memberships, MRRs, events, group programs, masterminds, virtual events, retreats, and scalable business models.

You'll have the vision to create the perfect lead magnets, up-sells, cross-sells, and down-sells to generate more sales. You'll have clarity on your complete suite of offers, and a waitlist of sold-out programs for years to come.

You'll know how your students need to receive your content, where they may get stuck, and how to keep them connected, engaged, and getting measurable results that other courses, memberships, and programs don't do.

You'll know what your students are thinking, and you'll be ready and able to meet both their physical and psychological needs.

You'll scout the perfect map for your clients to travel through your transformational program, you'll warn them of where to be careful, and you'll give them the tools to overcome.

You'll cheer them on and celebrate their wins by building the perfect-custom business model that delivers your program content, in the perfect way, at the perfect times, utilizing A.I. automation. 

And it gets even better... since April Beach grew up as one of the first "lifestyle entrepreneurs" you'll also tap into her lifetime of knowledge and experience designing companies that truly deliver lifestyle results. Want to move to Costa Rica and surf? April's created the business model and lived it. Want to grow an international brand from home? April's done it. Want to create corporate programs and license your content internationally? She's got you. Want to build an industry-leading online course that sells itself, or make money to support the nonprofits you love? How about surpassing 7 figures, or taking your brick and mortar online? April has reached these benchmarks personally, as well as for her clients for decades, and she'll confidently guide you to design your business with deep-purpose with high-profit lifestyle results, through her Entrepreneurship by Design™ experience. With April in your corner, your program will be built in the perfect way for your profit, lifestyle, time, passions, and other business projects to grow.



Take The Lead and Sell

Understand how to take the lead and scale exponentially by spinning Your Method To Millions™ and Your Genius Frameworks™ into scalable long-term business design.

Using the foundation of Your Method To Millions™ and Your Genius Frameworks™, you'll design your complete-scalable company and suite of offers to create aligned programs, signature talks, marketing key messages, and tap into the exponential scalability that creating your leading program now grants you.

Claim your place as a thought leader in your niche with press, media, clear powerful brand messaging, marketing, and signature talks.

We'll help you name Your Method To Millions™ and Your Genius Frameworks™ and brand your IP with our affiliate branding experts in such a way that gives you immediate authority and credibility.

You'll gain trust for the researched, curated, signature process you've designed, and the predictable-transformational results your program delivers.

You'll know how to communicate the power of your method and align your company with strategic partners, affiliates, press, and media, in such a way that complements your company mission and increases profit, driven by purpose. You'll layout your money maps, sales conversion tools, and know how to organically flow leads into Your Signature Offer with ease.

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Transformational Program Design™

Upon program completion, you have the opportunity to submit your signature offer for review to receive the Seal of Transformational Program Design™. With this recognition, you'll receive a seal to use in conjunction with your program signifying that your offer has been thoughtfully, expertly, and strategically designed to deliver predictable-transformational-measurable results guided by the Transformational Program Design™ process. Marketing swipe copy will be provided for ease. Additional fees may apply.

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Nail your niche! Who you serve, why they need you and the exact words they need to hear you say that leave them drooling for the solution you provide. If you're struggling in this area, we've included complimentary access to my Ideal Client Avatar Masterclass and 19-page workbook, so you're confident, clear, primed, and ready to go!

(value $599)


Never get stuck. Office hours are like private coaching at a non-private price. Bring your questions, stay on track, get work done, implement, take action, do the work, get extra help, connect with others, network, and move on down the road. This session will surely support you through your journey in nailing your signature offer.

(value $1800)


Receive the template to write Your Signature Offer Transformation Story™ so that it becomes the trusted map of a predictable road that clearly solves your clients' pains, meets their needs, or fulfills their deepest desires. This template will surely make your signature offer creation easier and clearer.

(value $299)


See behind the scenes of our company and how we organize our content for multiple companies, clients, courses, videos and assets. 

We seriously can't put a price on organization


We not only make technology easier, but we'll also help you choose software that will grow with your offer business model, and long-term company strategic plans to scale, automate, and increase capacity. You'll create your very own "tech recipe" with the perfect mix of software to deliver Your Signature Offer™ experience. A hands-on, screen-share workshop on Kajabi and Convertkit will be provided, as well as a discussion of other software options to be sure you find the very best software and user experience for your company.

(value $499)


Turn your signature method into your signature talk, and seamlessly align your message for leadership and sales from stages, podcasts and Clubhouse.

More details to come.

(value $599)

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... gives you the framework to build out your industry-leading online course, membership, coaching program, retreat, virtual event, or mastermind.

You're guaranteed to leave this masterclass with:

  • Your custom long term business designed and your suite of offers laid out clearly
  • Your ideas are organized into a structure that assures they won't get lost
  • The courses and assets you've already created, cleaned up, with a clear place in your new signature offer suite
  • Your methods and frameworks clearly formed
  • Your offer will guarantee your clients receive predictable, transformational, measurable results
  • Your offer will be priced with confidence and packaged to sell
  • Your funnel and sales process clearly laid out
  • Your offer model (hybrid, course, live, on-demand, membership, mastermind, etc.) is customized for the lifestyle you want to live


This is the only class of its kind in the world. Your Signature Offer™ is taught live, with co-working and open coaching Q/A. This is why only 25 entrepreneurs are allowed to attend per session.

Spring 2022 Class Schedule

Dates: [All will be recorded]

Project #1: Thursday, April 14, 12-2pm EST

Co-Working QA: Tuesday, April 19, 12-1 pm EST

Project #2 : Thursday, April 21, 12-2pm EST

Co-Working QA: Tuesday, April 26, 12-1 pm EST

Project #3: Thursday, April 28, 12-2pm EST

Co-Working QA: Tuesday, May 3, 12-1 pm EST

Project #4: Thursday, May 5, 12-2pm EST

Co-Working QA: Tuesday, May 10, 12-1 pm EST

Project #5: Thursday, May 12, 12-2pm EST

Co-Working QA: Tuesday, May 17, 12-1:30 pm EST

Project #6: Thursday, May 19, 12-2pm EST

Co-Working QA: Tuesday, May 24, 12-1 pm EST


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April Beach is a master at what she does. What others are now starting to rain people to do, she has been doing for years and getting major results for her clients! This amazing woman knows her stuff!  I highly recommend her program.

- Jamie - Digital Marketer
We consulted with April to create a first of its kind business model and launch large scale events. April traveled with us numerous times in Miami and consulted us virtually to create and launch our world-class offers, programs and services.

- Lourdes - Boutique Owner
Our hospital wanted to offer a coaching program like no one had ever seen. When we came across April Beach, we were a perfect match! Her expertise to help us develop our 5 Star Program, combined with our team of coaches, we launched in 2009. Since, we've seen thousands of expecting families touching lives across our region.

- Dupont Hospital, Labor & Delivery Unit - Ft Wayne IN
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Includes the Your Signature Offer™ 100 Page Workbook Shipped To Your Door

3 Payments of $2000  (Value $10,095) 

  • $21K in savings over working with April 1-1 to learn her Service Creation System™

  • Small-Group Masterclass with April Beach valued at $10,400

  • Pre-work for companies who need assistance choosing their niche

  • Detailed Implementation Sheets 

  • Expert Strategy to Develop Your Business Model

  • Assistance Organizing Your Ideas and Expertise

  • Profit Planning Sheets

  • Service Suite Planning Sheets

  • Online Business Service Suite Blueprints To Copy

  • Office Hours Calls 

  • Co-Working Zoom Rooms

  • Recorded Meetings

  • Your Signature Offer™ Workbook 

    And all the results our alumni discuss that can't be bottled into bullet points