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Your Signature Offer™ 

Live workshop where consultants, coaches, subject matter experts and speakers learn to build irresistible offers and programs their clients can't resist. 

We help subject matter experts, consultants and coaches, increase revenue by up to 200%, in the next 12 months, with leading programs and offers.

You will learn how to build offers so good people can't say no and programs so transformational, people hunt you down. 

Without a big list, running ads or a huge social following.


You will also learn...

  1. How to cut your offer building time by 80% by focusing on the most important things, not all the things.
  2. How to create offers using curriculum design, without being an education expert
  3. How to systematize your process to be the best at what you do
  4. How to quickly identify what your clients want vs need
  5. The 4 ways to find clients every day
  6. How to find your perfect target buyers in half the time
  7. Sample promises and guarantee language you can copy/paste and use for your own
  8. Quickly assess your content and identify what’s most valuable for your prospects
  9. Value calculator of problems solved in the coaching industry - understand the value of your ROI
  10. Client onboarding SOPs you can copy/paste and use immediately
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Your Signature Offer™

We make it easy to get fast results and see your business clearer
than you ever have before with tools and bonuses that save you
time and money:


  • Pricing Calculator
  • Offer Game Plan™ Worksheet
  • Promise vs. Guarantee Cheat Sheets
  • Launch Strategy and Content Planning Calendar
  • Offer Build Out Planning Sheet
  • Offer Idea Bank
  • Offer Pitch Statement: Template Worksheet
  • Irresistible Offer Recipe™ Chart
  • Transformational Program Design™ Worksheets
  • Pre-work Bonus: Ideal Client Avatar Masterclass and Messaging Creator
  • ChatGPT Offer Creation Prompts
  • ChatGPT Offer Upgrade Prompts

VIP Bonuses: (All of the above plus)

  • Method to Millions™: Offer Suite Mathematical Matrix
  • 1-1 offer review (20 min. private)
  • Voxer group support (for 4 weeks)
  • Pre-work Bonuses:
    • Strategic Business Design™ for Lifestyle Freedom Templates
    • Asset Inventory; Offer, Content, and IP Organization
  • 4 Ways To Fill Up Your Program and Find Clients
  • Sample Consulting Contract

Your Signature Offer™


Full Schedule:

  • Live workshop event: Friday, June 30th 12-4:00pm EDT
  • After-burn office hours: July 7th & 14th 12-1:00pm EDT
  • Pre-work bonuses released: Monday, June 26th


VIP Add-On Schedule:

  • Pre-work bonuses released: Monday, June 26th
  • 1-1 Offer reviews (July 2023)
  • Voxer group support (July 2023)

Your concerns answered: 


  1. Takes too much time - our systems cut offer building by 80%
  2. Too hard of work - our framework makes the process simple
  3. Not worth it - your offer is your ONLY revenue generator in your business
  4. Won’t be convenient - a DWY workshop schedule with grab and go
    templates for busy CEOs
  5. Can’t do this and manage other tasks - action items are chunked into
    projects to finish fast and/or delegate
  6. You want feedback - open office hours, plus 1-1 reviews for VIPs

If you want =

Programs that are easy to sell, to hit consistent 30k+ months, systems that run like clockwork, a full client roster, and people talking about you - without spending hours on social, running ads, feeling exhausted... 

We help you accomplish this by giving you our:

  • Proven systems and frameworks (online business experts since 2006)
  • Plug/play templates, checklists and swipe files
  • Teachings from and with established experts
  • Direct feedback on your offers and ideas
  • Grab/go SOPs
  • Irresistible Offer Recipe™ Framework that builds programs so good they can be licensed, turned into certifications or any perfect offer model you want. 


Why some of our client literally cry when they see what they
accomplish in Your Signature Offer™

Hi, I'm April!

Online Business Architect & Million Dollar Offer Engineer™ 

I help experts extract their genius, design their frameworks, package their programs, and engineer custom business models that scale for high profit, lifestyle control. My guidance has led entrepreneurs to develop transformational online courses, coaching programs, masterminds, memberships, events, certifications, hybrid programs, and content licensing packages that lead the way. I'm an online courses pioneer, author, speaker, and developer of some of the most trusted frameworks by coaches, consultants, and service-based experts in 56 countries and counting.

I have carved my niche as the go-to strategist for coaches, consultants, authors, experts, and speakers, who are building companies to achieve high-profit and deep-purpose. I've been featured on Today, MSNBC, and Fox News, in the New York Times, Austin Women’s Magazine, 5280 Magazine, the Denver Business Journal, and by Patagonia®. I have partnered with numerous leading brands to creatively expand their reach.

I was named the “Greatest Thinker of 2012” by the Denver Post, and “Top 50 Moms In Podcasting” in 2021 for my leading show, SweetLife Entrepreneur™. I'm an adventurer, proud disruptor, flow state addict, and mom of 3 teenage boys who always come first. I currently own 2 international business consulting firms, The SweetLife Company™ and Baby Planner Inc™, and 3 peak-performance companies co-owned with my husband.

I'm so glad you're here!


Your Signature Offer™ Guarantee

We Promise: 

  • We promise you'll get massive clarity on your business future
  • We promise you'll understand how to build irresistible offers now and forever
  • We promise to deliver proven processes you can apply immediately
  • We promise to deliver frameworks that will save up to 80% offer building time
  • We you'll create a method/framework that is unique to


Our Guarantee:

We guarantee that when you do the work, you'll have transformational program content (your unique IP) and a custom offer model that you love, which guarantees your clients results, or we'll extend your consulting support until you do.

  • If you're worried you won't understand, we'll make sure you do.
  • If you're overwhelmed and feeling lost, we'll help you get clear and focused.
  • If you're struggling to make decisions, we'll help you see your options clearly
    so that you can move forward and stop wasting time and money.

When you work with us, you are not a number. Your business success is our
business success and we're completely committed to you.

Questions?  [email protected]

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