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"Everything, everywhere, all at once" 

Peter Diamandis @A360, March 21, 2023

I dropped into Abundance360 believing I would feel behind. Expert presenters ranged from the creators of Kahn Academy and Coursera, innovators in health, space pioneers, those on the forefront of longevity, and to Tony Robbins in a rare sit down fireside chat about AI, Moonshots and commitment to innovation.

Much of the summit was confidential, but I can share that I left understanding that the work we're doing here at the SweetLife™ Company is ahead of others. I also learned the most important role a Chief AI Officer can play in your company is not one of massive skill, but one who has a passion to learn, test and implement. 

3 days later, I left feeling confident and optimistic about the power of AI and how we can use it to expand our reach and help others do the same. 

My intention here is to connect and share with other leaders, and to help coaches, consultants, experts and entrepreneurs use AI to scale, streamline and grow. 

- April Beach, Founder & CEO The SweetLife™ Company 



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