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Our Clients Are Experts, Consultants, Coaches, and Niche Service Providers Who Want A Custom Business Blueprint and Industry Leading Programs That Scale for High Profit, Deep Impact, Lifestyle Freedom.

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Entrepreneurs come to us when they're serious about scaling their business with world-class online services, offers, courses, content licensing packages, hybrid programs, and custom business models - with a blueprint and strategy that's unique to them. They don't fit into programs, courses or group boxes, and it's time to engineer their next level plan.
We give the steps to launch, the systems to scale, and the knowledge to turn their expertise into a custom roadmap with significant results. We've been doing this work for over 17 years and are pioneers in the online business and courses space. We work with select businesses on a referral, invite, or application basis, while our masterclasses and events are open to everyone.
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You're here because you need an answer... and we're prepared to give it to you.

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Dip a toe -

Tune into our award winning podcast and download the gazillion free resources that come with our episodes (256 of them to be exact)

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Immerse -

Join our limited space Immersions, Retreats and Events that level up and transform your business nearly overnight.

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Amplify™ -

Content license consulting. We give experts the exact systems, frameworks, project plans and strategies to license their program, course, or content.

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Scale -

Apply to be accepted into Wave Makers™ - the worlds first entrepreneur growth eco-system (for those tired of group programs and need a next-level custom plan)

"When I first found April Beach I had three big business ideas. I registered for her one year mentorship and got to work. I was quickly able to focus, see clearly, and choose a business direction.

I launched my first online course in 2016 and grew my list by 510%. 

April helped me design a business that fits my active outdoor life, kids, rowing hobby, passions, and expertise."

-Beth Jones

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April Beach founded the SweetLife Company in 2012 with the specific focus of guiding entrepreneurs, experts, and small businesses to launch, grow and scale online. 
Featured by MSNBC, TODAY, Patagonia, and the NY Times, she quickly became the go-to resource for online business strategy and signature program offer development, for the purpose of achieving lifestyle freedom - intentionally building a business around life and family. 
Now, as a renowned business scaling expert, April helps Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners, take the lead by creating signature offers, services, programs, courses and systems that dominate their niche, and an online Business Model with high profit deep impact results through her  “Business Design Blueprint™”,  her “Transformational Program Design™" framework, consulting, online programs and top-rated podcast, SweetLife Entrepreneur™.  


Delivering business coaching, strategies, and tools every week to entrepreneurs all over the world, for 5 years and counting.




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