Thank you for your interest to be a SweetLife Podcast Guest Expert. A Top Business Podcast for Experts, Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses for 4 Years Running.

"Delivering business trainings and strategies that coaches will charge you thousands for" 

Past guest experts have included Amy Porterfield, Pat Flynn, Jeff Goins, Denise Duffield Thomas, Andrea Wenburg, John Lee Dumas, Selena Soo, Brian Fanzo, Pete Vargas and more.

Over 50% of SweetLife Podcast episodes are solo business trainings delivered by April Beach. We seek to feature guests in areas of expertise to compliment these episodes.


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Ratings at last data pull: #7 Female Entrepreneur, #26 Lifestyle Entrepreneur, #23 Branding, #72 Online Business, #7 Solopreneur, #6 Christian Business, #80 Online Marketing, #5 Mompreneur, #39 Startup 


April Beach founded the SweetLife Company in 2012 with the specific focus of guiding entrepreneurs, experts, and small businesses to launch, grow and scale online. 

Featured by MSNBC, TODAY, Patagonia, and the NY Times, she quickly became the go-to resource for online business strategy and leading method, program and offer development, for the purpose of achieving lifestyle freedom - intentionally building a business around profit, travel and lifestyle.

Now, as a renowned online business architect and scaling expert, April helps entrepreneurs and small business owners grow their company online, and develop world-class leading offers, through her Wave Makers™ Mastermind, coaching framework, consulting, and her top-rated podcast, SweetLife Entrepreneur™. 


The ultimate business coaching show that delivers trainings most consultants charge thousands for, with the proven strategies to grow your business online. April Beach hosts the weekly podcast to help you design, launch and scale your business, with a rare behind the scenes look of what it really takes to build an impact brand for high profit, deep purpose, and lifestyle freedom. Each show delivers expert steps to build your service business including offer strategy, online marketing, branding, service development, sales, how to scale, launch expertise, speaking, writing, coaching, PR and more. Shows include crazy-good bonuses, implementation worksheets, free courses, surprise extras, an online community, and no annoying advertising!


We don’t hold back! It’ll feel like April Beach and guest experts are sitting right beside you revealing insider truths and trusted business knowledge. Her unfiltered style of teaching what it takes to build a profitable company and design the future you want, and her ability to simplify business growth, comes from her lifetime of experience as a lifestyle entrepreneur, and over two decades coaching women founders.


  1. All shows are workshops and trainings for our listeners. Please be prepared to outline the workshop or training that you propose to deliver.
  2. All trainings MUST apply to or be related to entrepreneurship (not corporate business). 
  3. We look for guests who are experts in their field and who will deliver business trainings, step by step instruction, strategies, and relevant business growth topics who can help our entrepreneur listeners grow, learn, and master their lifestyle business faster including: 
    1. Marketing
    2. Branding
    3. Online business
    4. Social media experts in specific niches
      1. You Tube
      2. LinkedIn
      3. Twitter
      4. Instagram
      5. Facebook
      6. Pinterest
      7. Alignable
      8. Other
    5. Course Launch Strategies
    6. Event Planning and Strategy
    7. Online Communities
    8. Marketing Funnels
    9. Video Production
    10. How to Become a Speaker
    11. How to Become an Author
    12. How to Speak on Stages
    13. Productivity Experts
    14. Health (as it relates to entrepreneurship)
    15. Fitness (as it relates to entrepreneurship)
    16. Saas for Online Business Management 
    17. SEO
    18. Adventure Sports Lifestyles
    19. Unconventional Business Models
    20. Flow Hacking
    21. Entrepreneur Family Life
    22. Marriage and Entrepreneurship
    23. Midlife Entrepreneurship - 40s 
    24. Business Development
    25. Program Development
    26. Social Entrepreneurship
    27. Networking 
    28. Fundraising 
    29. Leadership
    30. And other disruptive topics that can immediately help women entrepreneurs 
  4. Please do not apply if you develop physical products, software or speak to corporate development or career advancement. This show is exclusively for service-based entrepreneurs. 
  5. Please do not apply if you are primarily doing so for self-promotion. We are a giving first company and our primary purpose is inspiring and equipping others. 
  6. Due to the number of applications received, please understand that we will not be able to respond to your request unless you are approved as a guest. You are welcome to reapply if you have not received approval within 6 months.
  7. Please do not email pitches to us directly. Please complete the form and follow the system we've outlined. You may however email us after you've submitted your application with a direct thorough pitch. Begin your email with this subject: "I'VE SUBMITTED MY PODCAST APPLICATION"

Thank you so much for applying! Your interest is a huge compliment and means a lot. 




"Thank you for creating this podcast! Where have you been all my life? This is just what I need to go to the next level in my business. Looking forward to more information packed episodes!"

"I Think I've Found My Go-To Podcast"
Musiqal M.

"This is the most refreshing podcast I've heard in a while!!! Looking forward to hearing more tips and ideas."

Ojia I.

"April knows what she's talking about and gave great insight and tips I'll be using right away. And she's a mom!..." "

"Practical and Real"

"April is amazing at getting you on track to support the business and life you dream of."

"Stellar Business Strategies!"

"April brings a lot of concepts together in a bright and meaningful way. Which is to say - her insights and podcast are time well spent for me. Will definitely be following her as a subscriber."

"Livin The Sweet Life"

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