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Sweet Life Podcast

We deliver expert business consulting, business development masterclasses, online courses, events, books, a podcast, and high-level masterminds, for one purpose...

To equip entrepreneurs and small business owners design, launch and scale their business online.

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The SweetLife Company™ was founded in 2012 as the second business consulting firm by April Beach with a specific focus on helping women entrepreneurs grow.

Since her first business consulting project at age 21, April has coached thousands of women to design, launch and scale their business online and has developed world-class programs for corporations, as well as online business launch and scale systems. April is also an author, speaker and environmental nonprofit founder.

April grew up in the first wave of lifestyle business families and is the creator of the Lifestyle Entrepreneur Roadmap™. In 2006 she created the parent coaching industry from scratch and grew the first international maternity focused business consulting firm [Baby Planner Inc.]

April has been featured by TODAY, MSNBC, Fox News, and in the New York Times, the Denver Business Journal, and Patagonia. She was named the Greatest Thinker of 2011by the Denver Post. She is also the host of the Apple top-rated SweetLife Entrepreneur Podcast™

April has carved her niche as the go-to business strategist for women entrepreneurs who want to build a mindful service based company that provides ideal lifestyle results. 

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We know it takes a village, so we've curated the perfect one for you.

A collaboration of experts work with our clients in masterminds, courses, private consulting programs, and live events to assure you receive the most comprehensive, complete, business development, coaching, strategy and support. 
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Business Model & Offer Creation Expert

April is the captain of our client's ship, navigating them to their ideal business and life destination through consulting in online business growth, world-class offer development, and giving them the blueprint to they've been missing to high-profit lifestyle business design.

April is the founder of this company, and principal business coach.


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Speaking Expert

Chantelle teaches our clients to find their voice, own their story, write their standing ovation worthy speech, get booked and rock the stage.

She is the founder of Centre Stage Live, Shine Live and, mama of 3 boys and the one who lights up the room when she walks in and she'll end your fear of speaking with real advice, expert trainings and tough love.


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Podcasting Expert

Britany has been producing the SweetLife Entrepreneur Podcast™ since day one. She works with our clients who are interested in launching a podcast, but don't know where or how to start. 

Britany is the founder of Podcasting For Coaches, podcast production expert, and dog mom. You'll often find her working remotely and traveling to awesome far-away places or speaking at national podcasting conferences.


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Instagram Marketing Expert

Jenn is our go-to for clients who want to grow their business with Instagram. She's a contributor on our podcast and expert coach in our mastermind communities.

Jenn is the world's forefront blogger on Instagram marketing, founder of, author of 3 books including "Instagram for Business for Dummies", and self proclaimed high-heel lover.


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Facebook & Instagram Ads Expert

Sarah is an award winning ads strategist that works with our clients to grow their list and plan ad campaigns that deliver predictable results. 

She's is the founder of Tomes Social Media, mom of two boys and the best person to call when you need a business reality check.


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Branding Expert

Liz works with our clients, from start up through large scale, who need a to develop their brand with clear messaging and gorgeous design to leave a powerful mark on their niche. 

She's the founder of Novella Brandhouse in Kansas City, keynote speaker, mom of 3 boys, and she co-authored 2 books with April Beach in the 2000s.


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Influencer Marketing & Blogging Expert

Kathy brings superwoman power to our clients through strategic coaching that teaches how to become an influencer in your niche and travel the world through blogging.

She's the founder of Idyllic Pursuit, international keynote speaker, social media influencer, mom of 3, and not the one to call when you want a pity party. 


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Copywriting Expert

Sarah is our copywriting queen. She helps our clients clarify their message, write their sales pages, and create copy that converts. 

She's the founder of Braud Creative, Story Brand expert, ghost writer on some super-secret powerful books, regular contributor to business publications, mama of teens, and champion of millennial entrepreneurs who want to lead with impact. 



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I learned at young age to create the reality I wanted. My parents were entrepreneurs and designed our lifestyle.

When my stepdad wanted to play more beach volleyball, we opened the first volleyball store in Santa Barbara

When we wanted to travel, we made oak beach chairs and sold them at craft shows

And when we wanted to surf, we opened surf shops in California and Hawaii where I surfed the best waves and skied the best mountains.

I learned young to plan and launch businesses, skimp pennies, turn ideas into companies, serve customers, and scale companies for lifestyle freedom.

All my friends were jealous when my mom pulled up in the jeep to bust us out of school because the waves were up.

I was totally livin' the dream,

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And then it was gone... My mom left and I moved out on my own at age 13. I quickly learned what it means when "He gives and takes away".

I was determined to rebuild the lifestyle I once had. I got my high school diploma early while living off TopRamen and drinking coffee. I think this is why I'm only 5'1"

While other kids were going to college, I packed my backpack, grabbed my surfboard, and headed to Costa Rica Cc 1994

I waited tables and gave free business coaching to anyone who asked

At 20 I enrolled in college for meteorology to predict swells for surfers - and dropped out as soon as I realized I'd rather be surfing the waves than siting in a dark office

At 21 I was hired for my first business consulting project. I had no idea what I was doing, but I quickly saw how my unorthodox business experience benefited others. By 26, I had consulted over 100 companies.

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I married a man who liked my kind of crazy, and became mom to three awesome boys.

But my way of giving birth seemed to draw unsolicited advice from the woodwork. This toked my war-cry for creating the "parent coaching industry" = empowering the individual choices of mothers.

Two years later I had offices in 7 states, an international business consulting firm, the first maternity concierge programs in corporations and hospitals, partnerships with huge brands, and women all over the world taking our online courses to launch their own businesses. Cc. 2008

This company, Baby Planner Inc.™ today runs on autopilot and leads the industry in business growth for companies who market to new and expecting families.

By 2012 I had coached over two thousand women to launch and scale their business online.


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In 2011 I founded my nonprofit after learning of toxic exposures from oil and gas fracking operations near my home. A rude awakening for this mineral-rights owning, girl from a republican family. 

Despite threats against my family and being scared to death, I testified; standing up to big oil and spear-heading the movement to ban fracking near homes.

My work was highlighted in Patagonia's monthly magazine. Natalie Merchant and Jakob Dylan held benefit concerts to fund it, and I was featured in multiple documentaries. In 2012, actor Mark Ruffalo wrote an article about my story. 

Meanwhile, my business coaching courses were on autopilot and I was virtually launching entrepreneurs around the world. 

In 2013, The SweetLife Company™ was born - and the Lifestyle Entrepreneur Roadmap™ was released: My 5-step process to launch and scale an online lifestyle business.

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April works with women all over the world, who want to design, launch and scale their business online.

Her mission is to inspire and equip you to design your life through entrepreneurship.

All of our coaching, programs, podcast and masterminds deliver serious results for women entrepreneurs who want to do big things for their life and business, and develop good services that contribute to the world.


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