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 Welcome to Wave Makers™ in our Amplify™ Level

Expert Level Business Consulting To License Your IP and Scale Your Business Exponentially

This program provides strategic, personalized consulting to package, price and sell your IP for Licensing and/or Certification, in a hybrid-group and individualized consulting ecosystem. 


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Our work together:

In Amplify™, we work closely with you to structure, package, and sell your IP. Amplify™ is designed to flow like personal consulting and mentorship, in an exclusive mastermind environment of established leaders.
Every business, program, and licensing or certification opportunity is different, therefore our consulting and support are strategically designed to assist clients in making decisions, engineering and packaging their IP, long term business design, and navigating each sales process. 
The timeline below varies per client and is dependent on many factors including program buildout status, client network/leads, sales teams, affiliates, speaking engagements, marketing and support. Clients work at their own pace and are encouraged to invite 1 team member/implementer with them into Amplify™.
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Complete your Wave Makers™ set up: 

Once received, we'll send you calendar invites for planning and our welcome guide to prepare for take off. 

We are always here for you and our Wave Makers™ Concierge is on-tap anytime needed. If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

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