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The 6 Essential Components of a Scaleable Coaching Program

Increase sales, maximize reach, and level up your offers, fast.


Level Up Your Offers

  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your offer
  • Build a stand out offer and disrupt your niche
  • See your program clearer than you ever have before
  • Increase sales by identifying critical holes in your offer that need to be fixed immediately 


If you're a person that has huge dreams and wants to change the world, and knows you're meant to leave your mark, April Beach will change your life! She is going to give you the step-by-steps of how you truly bring what you're wanting to bring into existence.

Danielle Smason - Trauma Practitioner

The first time I heard April Beach speak about how to create your leading offers, I absolutely knew she was the one to go to! April really helped me see my assets concretely, and gave me the tools to build the infrastructure of my business model. This has been worth every single penny of my investment and I am looking to stay connected with her in a future capacity.

Ardith Goodwin - Visual Artist, educator, and workshop presenter in the mixed media world

This has been an absolute game changer for me. I had so much information in so many different places, so many diaries, so many notes and could never really put together my course. I couldn't put all the pieces together to make sense and make it flow, and April Beach absolutely changed that for me. 


Ange Scott - Business coach to custom home builders


Offer Engineer™ and Business Mentor to Experts

April is one of the pioneers of the online coaching industry. She’s been teaching experts to extract their genius, and build their premier coaching programs since 2006. She’s coached entrepreneurs in 56 countries to develop transformational offers that sell for millions.

April’s been featured on Today, MSNBC, and by Patagonia®. She was named the “Greatest Thinker of 2012” and “Top 50 Moms In Podcasting” in 2021 for her leading show, SweetLife™ Entrepreneur.

April's coaching and frameworks are behind some of the most successful coaching programs and courses globally. This free checklist is the perfect place to start leveling up your offers. 

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