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The Most Comprehensive Business Launch and Training Program For Women Who Want To Design Their Life

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Aspiring entrepreneurs who don't commit to their dreams will always wonder

what if...


The Committed™ is a comprehensive business launch training and mentorship program designed by April Beach to help you start and grow a successful business that delivers the lifestyle you have always imagined.


Hello Beautiful, I'm glad you're here. I understand what it takes to build a profitable company that gives you lifestyle freedom because I've owned multiple businesses and coached over 4000 women to launch from scratch.

I've created The Committed as a holistic approach that heals the broken system of online business launch, lonely courses, and overpriced masterminds.

I'm host of the iTunes top rated “SweetLife Entrepreneur Podcast” and business development coach for adventurous female entrepreneurs who are determined to defy the status quo, control their life, and build a socially conscious company while raising awesome kids.

I've been featured by TODAY, MSNBC, Patagonia, 5280 Magazine, and other media for my leadership in maverick life-first business design. 

What's Included

12 Month Business Training & Mentorship Includes

Private Coaching

Most business courses don’t offer consistent personalized attention and accountability.

April Beach gets to know you, your business goals, and your unique situation, and crafts an individualized 90-days to business launch and 12-month growth plan.

She helps you sort your ideas into offers that lead your niche.

Monthly Group Coaching

Join a movement of entrepreneurs learning how to design businesses that align with their life and to make enough money so you can give it away.

Weekly themed live video meetings that offer the skills training needed for lifestyle entrepreneurship. This will include work submission and feedback, expert guests, virtual community coffee dates, online business strategy, accountability, and open Q/A.

Online Community App

Our Forum is specifically designed to help our members connect more closely, and more deeply with your peers, away from noise and distractions, to cultivate meaningful connection, community and camaraderie. 


As a member of the The Committed, you will have unlimited access to 2 courses that hone in on developing an advanced entrepreneur skill. 

1.Your Signature Offer: April's proprietary method that takes your expertise and ideas and turns them into into transformational, industry leading offers, services, courses or programs.

2 ICA: Finding and connecting with your Ideal Client Avatar, and building a marketing plan around them.


Have you ever gone to an event, learned a bunch of things, but left with a list of tasks you’ll never have time to complete?

Our Committed Implementation Retreats meet a couple of times a year so you will never have loose ends. April and team roll up their sleeves to help guide you to get work done and keep moving your business forward. 

Tech Help • Resources

Tech Made Easy Videos

Software We Recommend

Marketing Templates

Sales Funnel Mapping

Social Media Guides

Lead Magnet Delivery

How to Outline Your First Online Course

Email Marketing

Website Planning

And More

Join The Committed

The Plan

Join The Community

Receive your Welcome Kit, log into our Membership Website/Dashboard, and schedule your private meeting with April.

Build Your Custom Business Roadmap

April sets you up with custom steps to launch in 90 days, and grow over the course of a year.

Launch, Grow & Scale Your Business

You’ll be coached, receive feedback on your work, launch, grow, and scale your business, while embracing the dance between business building and life, self-care and self-mastery, peak performance and professional development.

Live The Dream  

In 12 months your business will be growing, you'll have a list of clients, and you'll be lighting the roadmap to your dreams. 

Most of all you'll be known. You won't be a number, lost in a crowded course, falling behind, loosing money. Your story, purpose, business, and vision are rare.

Committed Entrepreneurs is the heart where serious business development meets authentic entrepreneurship.

Case Studies

"I have been in countless groups and have followed countless entrepreneur leaders and coaches. 

I was frustrated for so long, pushing out generic content that got me nowhere.  After the very first lesson with April, I FINALLY feel like a veil has been lifted and I can see.

I am so glad I chose to do this program so that I could have this blueprint!

Holy. Cow." 

- Stacy H., Registered Dietitian

“I had many ideas before working with April. She helped me create a clear plan and assisted me in developing several different programs for my business.

She assisted with ideas, and helped develop the actual services and products that I'm proud to lead my industry with."

- Eloise D., Founder, Surrogacy Agency 


"April Beach is a master at what she does. What others are now starting to train people to do, she has been doing for years and getting major results for her clients! This amazing woman knows her stuff!

What I love about her is that she never asks you to do anything in your business that she hasn't already done herself. She is the perfect blend of being understanding and knowledgeable of where you are coming from when trying to balance life and family. However, at the same time, she has a "get it done mentality" that pushes your personal envelope to take you to the next level!"

- Jamie M., Marketing Strategist

"Before working with April I'd invested in a lot of courses, masterminds, and other tools I thought would get me "there"... but I was still indecisive and didn't have a clear business plan. 

As soon as I started working with April I got clarity and focused support with a plan to launch. April gave me the tools and coaching to turn my expertise into an online business, lead my niche, and build my brand for years to come."

- Beth J., M.Ed, ATC, CPT Athletic Trainer & Rehabilitation Specialist



8/10 struggle in entrepreneurship because it takes too long to see results. They try hard, but end up distracted, overwhelmed, and confused. They failed because they never had a map that lead to the business and life they wanted.

The Committed Will

Develop a predictable 6 figure business


Own a company that works with your life and time


Work around your family or active life


Walk into your calling and purpose


Forge the path for longterm success


Grow your tribe of faithful followers


Have a framework that opens doors to new opportunities for your future


Position your company to leave a legacy


Develop your ideas and expertise into a signature method, offer, program or service (intellectual property) to become a leader in your niche

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My Commitment To Committed Entrepreneurs

To Know You

I want to destroy fake online relationships, empty social follows, overcrowded FB groups, and worthless comments. I’ll be where you can find me, coaching you along the way. I'd love to get to know you.

To Be Your Guide

You don't have to be afraid. I’ve been coaching women for 21 years, had online courses for 11, and am a native of entrepreneurship and the business world. In fact, my core purpose is all about you. One of the reasons I'm here on earth, is to inspire and equip you to design your life through entrepreneurship.

To Impact The World

Helping you fulfill your purpose, through your business, is my legacy. Therefore all of the coaching, teaching and mentorship I pour into you, goes well beyond where most business coaches go. You’re not just a client or a member of my tribe… you're my responsibility.


Because when you do... you're going to join a collective of women, who are doing great things and changing lives through their business.

And one by one, we will change the world together.

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