Clients work with me to design, launch and scale their business - to live life on their terms, and do good things.

My clients are brave, creative, strong-willed, and don't fit into a box...

Sometimes they feel like rebels because they know their vision can't be achieved through a one-size-fits-all course...

But they need a plan of action and someone they can trust to help guide the way.


Jamie M.

Business Consultant

"April Beach is a master at what she does. What others are now starting to train people to do, she has been doing for years and getting major results for her clients! This amazing woman knows her stuff!

What I love about her is that she never asks you to do anything in your business that she hasn't already done herself. She is the perfect blend of being understanding and knowledgeable of where you are coming from when trying to balance life and family. However, at the same time, she has a "get it done mentality" that pushes your personal envelope to take you to the next level!"

Levon H.

Parent Life Coach

"I've launched two businesses. One with April's Program and with another (unnamed)... and it was a world of difference! With the other program I was spending WAY more time, overwhelmed and spinning my wheels.

April's program is turn-key and comprehensive, and makes it so much easier to start! And the personal support you can get with April's coaching and business experience was incredibly worth it."

Heather M.

Baby Sleep Expert

"Friends! I just had my first 1:1 consult with April. OMG! If you haven't made this investment yet, you are REALLY missing out. I have consulted with a number of coaches and professionals in my line of business.

Let me tell you, this 1 hour with April was the best $$$ I've spent on my business yet! In just one hour I have more clarity, direction and renewed passion for what I do and building my business than I ever had!! 

SERIOUSLY! Do it for yourself and your business. {This is not a paid endorsement}."

Samantha J. 

Marketing Coach

"April Beach is an expert in Entrepreneur Strategy. Having worked directly with April on a number of personal projects and client projects I know first hand that she goes above and beyond in all that she does.

She knows the ins & outs of business and is a no nonsense lady-boss! She will help you develop your brand, give you the tools to kickass and take names while infusing the confidence to actually DO IT! I recommend April to all of my clients because I know that she is the best of the best in the industry!"


Fitness Coach

I am so happy to be working with April. Her knowledge is vast, this has helped me grow with my business in an extraordinary way. It is my pleasure to recommend her and her company to anyone looking to improve or grow their business."

Desiree M

Reporter, Writer

"April Beach, has proven to be a priceless resource from how to market to potential clients to connecting with experts in the industry.

As I’ve grown my business from one city to an international company, April's consulting has repeatedly impressed me."

Tamkia S.

Branding Coach

"I just had to follow up and say THANK YOU! I can honestly say that you brought so much clarity to me.  It was so amazing to speak with someone who gets my vision and literally said some of the very things that were directly on my mind.

I am extremely excited about working with you and I look forward to living out my dream!  Thanks for being so patient, authentic, and compassionate about my vision."

Stephanie M.

Retail Boutique Owner

"Right on! You have yet again created another program that is exactly what we need to grow our business. You are completely in-tune and never miss a detail.

Thank you so much!"

Lauren B.

Business Coach

"I've been looking for a coach for some time, and finally have found someone I feel I can trust.

Thank you for working with me."

Amber M.

Online Entrepreneur 

"Thank you so much April! You are a huge reason I was able to pursue my passion and turn it into a business!

You gave me my wings!"

Chrissy M.

Professional Traveler

"This is exactly what everyone starting a business needs. Step by step, all the tools you need, nothing you don't, making is clear and easy."

Chelsea M.

Parent Coach

"I have to let you know that your guidance and expertise moved me this afternoon. I want to shout from the rooftops how incredibly talented you are not only at what you do, but how you do it.

It's clear that this is not only your passion but your expertise."

Paty M., Ricki Trainer and Holistic Coach

When Paty came to SweetLife Strategy with April she felt completely scattered. She had so many ideas and wasn’t sure where to start… so she was doing them all. In working with April she created her first lifestyle plan and determined her course of action to achieve it. She modeled her business for her time and location freedom goals. April then helped her focus on identifying her primary target as well as 1 year and long term products that aligned with Paty’s location freedom and profit plan, and those which her target would buy.

Paty is currently hosting her first international retreat and her next year calendar is already solidified with strategic launches that align with her profit goal and Paty’s idea of The SweetLife.

"I felt drawn to your energy and resonated with your message. You seem so grounded and laid back. Your high level doesn't seem as outrageous as others I have seen and I like that. To know your worth but also know that more than the rich need you.”

Stacy H. Nutritionist

"After the very first lesson, I FINALLY know how to get inside the head of my ideal client. I have been in countless groups and have followed countless entrepreneur leaders and coaches, and they all say how important it is to know who your ideal client is, BUT, they only say to ask yourself, "what does she like" and "where does she hang out?" How the heck is that supposed to help me?! And, it didn't. I was frustrated for so long, pushing out generic content that got me nowhere because I didn't know my ICA. 

Now I feel like a veil has been lifted and I can finally see who she is... I am so glad I chose to do this program, even just (and it's not!), so that I could have this blueprint! Holy. Cow." 

Dupont Hospital, Birth Center

"Our hospital wanted to offer a parent coaching program like no one had ever seen. 

When we came across April Beach, we were a perfect match! Her expertise to help us develop our 5 Star Program, combined with our team of coaches, we launched in 2009. Since, we've seen thousands of expecting families touching lives across our region."

Brent & Monica S.
Owners | RNs | Maternity Concierge

"When we came to April we really weren't sure how to launch our business. April helped us create a plan, launch, and develop a business model that would scale with our growing family and busy parent entrepreneur lives.

Since working with April we have had over 500 attendees in our local classes and our plan to launch online courses is already in the works. We are the leaders in our market and well known for our expertise." 

Beth J. M.Ed, ATC, CPT Pre/Post Natal Exercise & Rehabilitation Specialist

"When I first found April Beach I had three big business ideas. I registered for her one year mentorship and got to work. I was quickly able to see clearly which one I really wanted. I launched my first online course in 2016 and grew my list by 510%. 

April helped be design a business that fits my active outdoor life, kids, rowing hobby. passions, and expertise."

Alia C.

Corporate Lactation Solutions

"When I first came to April I knew what I wanted but had no direction. She was able to give me not only clarity but confidence that the path I am on is the right one. April has helped me on all fronts. Understanding my market, streamlining my brand, and understanding how to focus my services on the needs of my clients without forsaking my creativity!"

Livia D. 


"Thank you! Your program is absolutely awesome. I am very happy to finally take first steps and not feeling overwhelmed.

I have just found out about your Mentorship waitlist. If I knew about it sooner, I would have definitely signed up."

Lourdes L. 

Event Planner, Maternity Concierge & Philanthropist

"We consulted with April to create a first of it's kind business model and launch large scale events.

April traveled to us numerous times in Miami and consulted us virtually to launch, create seamless operations and grow our team."

Traci D.

Life Coach

"April help me to focus! She taught me to brand myself, understand who my client base is and organize my start up ideas.

I hired her with the goals of understanding how to brand myself, create my services and launch my business...  And I am very happy!!!"

Nakia K.


"It has truly been a pleasure working with you. From the start, you were so helpful, constantly encouraging me, and renewed my confidence as a business owner.

You thoroughly understand what it takes to start a business."

Chanice F.

Concierge Agency Founder

"I usually don't give away my secrets but April Beach is launching another amazing program you won't want to miss. 

You can be sure that we will be tuned in as we continue to grow and expand!"

Dave C.


"I wanted to write music, perform and make enough money to take care of my daughter. April gave me the tools, steps and coaching to launch my business, brand myself and grow a company that continues to deliver the lifestyle I want."

Shannon C.

Family Coach

"April Beach is an Industry Pioneer. She is knowledgeable, credible and a trustworthy source of information. Entrepreneurs can look to April for guidance as they navigate through establishing and growing their business. I have consulted with April through the years regarding my business and have found her to be a great listener, motivator and voice of experience.”


Natalie P.

Music Therapist

"April helped me establish a plan of action to develop my services. She made me feel like I was an expert in my field and guided me in very easy doable steps to put my dreams into action!"


Nkem N.

Baby Planner

"I had been looking for a way to package my services when I came across Rosie Pope on TV. When I learned you were her business coach, I reached out right away! 

You understood everything I wanted to do and explained to me in great detail. You put me on my path and quest of dreams. Thank you for making learning so easy!" 

Heather B.


"Thank you April for your invaluable help in evaluating my business. Your experience and ability to communicate is such an incredible resource. 

I highly recommend people get 1:1 with you to further their business."

Carol C.

Author, Speaker, Coach

"April's courses are packed with useful and powerful information that will save you time and money.

I have been in several of her programs and can honestly say they are well worth the investment." 


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