License To Scale™ Workshop

An online workshop for experts, entrepreneurs, and small business owners who want to scale their business and increase profit by licensing content, courses, and more. 

Date: April 24, 2024 via Zoom 12pm to 3:30pm Eastern Time.

Held Online in Zoom


  • Complete Training
  • All Worksheets
  • Templates
  • Coaching with April
  • Recordings


  • Clarify Your Options for Licensing
  • Define Your Licensing Goals
  • Create Your Licensing Strategy
  • Focus Your Target Audience
  • Learn Decision Points To Value Your Program
  • Layout Your First Licensing Package 
  • Understand the 3 Primary Ways To Release Your Program 
  • Determine Your Brand Strategy and Positioning
  • Inventory Your Assets
  • Plan Certifications or Method Licensing
  • Receive Professional Recommendations, Feedback and Open QA for Support 


  • ​You'll have a clear understanding of your licensing options

  • Your first licensing package will be outlined

  • You'll know what pitfalls to avoid and how to not lose your life's work

  • You'll ​increase credibility across your audience

  • You'll have a plan to ​expand from B2C to B2B




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Xo, April