License To Scale™ Workshop Mar 2024

An online workshop for experts, entrepreneurs, and small business owners who want to scale their business and increase profit by licensing content, courses, and more. 


March 22nd via Zoom 12pm to 4pm Eastern Time

Workshop Outcomes: 

  • Create your strategic content licensing plan
  • Outline goals for licensing
  • Choose who you license to
  • Plan your License  terms
  • Layout your first content license package
  • Inventory your assets
  • Create your content building plan
  • Price your content
  • Create your package(s)
  • Learn to sell your content
  • Plan your terms, conditions
  • Location, duration other considerations
  • Sample contracts
  • Receive April's Content License Selling System™

Plus: Bonus Training with IP and Trademark Attorney, Francesca Witzberg 


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I'm so glad you're here. 

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