SweetLife Launch - Lite

SweetLife Launch: Launch Your Online Business in 10 Simple Steps

Welcome to SweetLife Launch! 

In just 10 weeks you will:

  • Establish your business core purpose
  • Develop your service(s)
  • Create a long-term business model plan
  • Find your perfect clients and know exactly what they want to buy from you
  • Build your sales funnel
  • Write your profit plan
  • Start building your list of ideal clients
  • Create a free entry offer that establishes you as the go-to 
  • Launch your converting website or landing page
  • Design, outline, price, and layout an offer to become known
  • Open social media that converts
  • Launch your business, online program or signature offer

Plus live group coaching and question times twice a month! 

This is not an "online course". This is a business launch program that delivers weekly "projects" for you to complete. As you go through this program, you will be implementing and building. When you stay focused and complete your projects, your business or newest program will be launched and introduced to the world in 10 weeks. (With 2 bonus weeks for implementation.)

Welcome to SweetLife Launch!

Congratulations to you for taking life into your hands and designing yours. Thank you for allowing us to provide you with the system to accomplish this. 



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