Your Signature Offer™ Workshop

Your Signature Offer™ is a one-of-a-kind business training program for entrepreneurs, that delivers the leading framework and proven process to design and develop a world-class Offer, Service, Course, Membership, Event, or Program to lead their niche, become known, and deliver the predictable transformational measurable results your clients rave about. 

Deliverables you can expect:

$18401 in savings over working with us privately.

Small-Group Masterclass 


  • Pricing Calculator
  • Offer Game Plan™ Worksheet 
  • Promise vs. Guarantee Cheat Sheets
  • Launch Strategy and Content Planning Calendar
  • Offer Build Out Planning Sheet
  • Offer Idea Bank 
  • Offer Pitch Statement: Template Worksheet
  • Irresistible Offer Recipe™ Chart
  • Transformational Program Design™ Worksheets
  • Pre-work Bonus: Ideal Client Avatar Masterclass and Messaging Creator
  • ChatGPT Offer Creation Prompts
  • ChatGPT Offer Upgrade Prompts

Our Promise: 

  • We promise you'll get massive clarity on your business future
  • We promise you'll understand how to build irresistible offers now and forever
  • We promise to deliver proven processes you can apply immediately 
  • We promise to deliver frameworks that will save up to 80% offer building time
  • We you'll create a method/framework that is unique to 

Our Guarantee: 

We guarantee that when you do the work, you'll have transformational program content (your unique IP) and a custom offer model that you love, which guarantees your clients results, or we'll extend your consulting support until you do. 

  • If you're worried you won't understand, we'll make sure you do. 
  • If you're overwhelmed and feeling lost, we'll help you get clear and focused.
  • If you're struggling to make decisions, we'll help you see your options clearly so that you can move forward and stop waisting time and money. 



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