4 Lies That Could Be Stopping You From Hosting Events That Grow Your Company

business events Feb 24, 2020

Let’s talk events, shall we?

Because the entrepreneurs out there who are hosting events are killing it!  And I want you to be able to get in on that action, too.

Online businesses have had massive growth in the last few years with no end in sight.  Great news, right?

But here’s the thing.  With everything going on in the virtual space, people are missing personal connections. 

In fact, your tribe is craving that connection that only comes with being in the same room as you, feeding off of your energy, and learning face-to-face.

I understand that this can be a huge, scary step for some of you out there.  I also know that if you have a business, you’ve had to take some scary steps already. 

Trust me when I tell you that I can totally relate.

My husband is the entertainer, not me.

He does the cooking, not me. He plans the hor dourves, not me. He rallies the troops, organizes the schedules, and makes sure the temperature in the room and music are perfect… not me. 

So when it came to hosting my first events, I was nervous. Because I’m not naturally an entertainer, and I was afraid everyone would regret coming. 

But that was the farthest thing from the truth.

In fact… people THANKED me for giving them an opportunity to work with me in person.

Some even brought me gifts and thank you cards for creating a way that they could grow their business through my coaching. 

And because I know just how awesome events can be for a business, I want to share some things from a conversation I recently had with Jenn Murray. 

Jenn is an event planner and she helps online entrepreneurs plan in-person events (such as workshops, retreats, masterminds, and conferences) that meet their business goals and cultivate long-term relationships.

Her clients range from entrepreneurs who are just branching out into events to those with 6-figure businesses.

Entrepreneurs come to Jenn wanting to take their event from idea to reality; cultivate authentic, vital connections with their attendees; execute an event that’s aligned with their unique brand and messaging; and add events to their long-term business model in a profitable way.

During our conversation, Jenn debunked four event myths about retreats. 

Hopefully, this will help you overcome any obstacles that you THINK might be standing in your way to a great event.


Your event has to be cookie-cutter. 

Just because you see entrepreneurs having events at 5-star hotels and yoga resorts doesn’t mean you need to, as well.

Your business has a unique vibe, after all, and your event should reflect that.

Events are an extension of your brand and your unique self.  Think strategically about what would work for your business and for those whom you serve.  

Just because we only see the photography and social media posts from the huge, massive, 5-star events, we assume that those are the only events that could possibly be successful.

And our perception is that it’s what we have to do, too. 

NO! Events are about up-leveling your brand with your resources and your goals and making that work for you.

I've been to both kinds of events: luxurious events in San Francisco as well as small afternoon events.  Guess what. Both were fabulous.

You can do anything you want based on your brand and your messaging.


Events are too expensive. 

If done incorrectly, you can come out in the red or just break even. But if planned with a sound strategy, there’s no reason your first, or fifth, event can’t bring in the profits. 

Focus on strategy first. Set up your blueprint, your goals, your budget, your resources,  your mindset.

A strategy-first approach will put yourself in a better place to make the logistical decisions that will come later. 

And you should absolutely be upselling at your event because you won’t have any warmer leads than during an event. 

As your attendees experience you in person during your event, then there should be a natural next step to work with you personally at the next level. 

I myself hosted an event, and I had a friend tell me that I was doing a disservice when I didn't offer them the gold standard. 

When I changed my mindset, it really helped the attendees know that there is something greater beyond the event for them to help implement after the event.


“If you’re hosting an event and not offering an up-sell - a way to work with you after the event has ended - you’re doing your clients a disservice.” April Beach 

Events have to be big or elaborate.

Event value isn’t about size or showiness - it’s about what people take from it.

A 5-10 person retreat where you offer premium services can be more valuable than a 100-person conference. It’s all about what you offer.

If you want to test the waters your first time, it's totally ok.  Five-star events can be intimidating to those just starting out.

Do things that align with your brand and your attendees. Give tons of value and dig deep with your guests. Focus on cultivating your community.

The mastermind retreat that I hosted this year was quite different from the average retreat. I was nervous; I actually took my group of women to the Rocky Mountain National Park. 

We dug deep while pushing mental and physical limits all at once. It was very in line with my brand, and it was the biggest hit ever. 

The ladies loved it despite the wind, snow, and freezing weather. It was a powerful, full-day event that was very true to who I am and who my followers are.

Staying true to myself paid off for me and everyone who attended. 


People won’t travel to see you in-person. 

This myth has more to do with confidence levels and self-esteem than it does reality. 

If you have clients and fans that love you, and you’ve done your research so you can offer them something they’re yearning for, and you’ve created a pleasant experience, THAT'S WHAT MATTERS.

There really is no reason to assume they won't come.  Encourage attendance with discounts, huge value, and anticipation of what your guests can expect.

Be sure to focus on your strategy and your plan, and move forward with confidence because there is a real need for in person interaction. 

Be brave and step into that void that needs filling. Your people want to interact with you.

Start planning your event.

I know the thought of hosting events and retreats can be personally intimidating and a big step for entrepreneurs.

But personal connections are becoming more and more important.

Events are such a breath of fresh air and change of pace from the daily grind of struggling with and trying to hack all of the social media algorithms.

Your people are craving face-to-face relationships. 

We all are, and if you choose to step out and host these events, you will grow so much beyond your expectations as an entrepreneur. 

Hosting your first event will teach you so much about yourself as a leader; it will build your confidence; and it will skyrocket your business.


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