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How To Create Your Train the Trainer Program

Building a Train the Trainer program goes beyond mere knowledge transfer; it's about equipping other professionals with the right tools and insights to effectively disseminate your unique expertise. This article draws from the core concepts discussed in April Beach's insightful guidance on creating a Train the Trainer program that’s both profitable and impactful.


1. Comprehensive Content Delivery

The foundation of a successful Train the Trainer program lies in the content. It's crucial to provide a thorough outline of your material, including detailed speaking topics for each benchmark in the program. Remember, a benchmark is a focused area of work, a segment that requires specific teaching or a module within the overall program. For each benchmark, ensure the trainers understand the ideal outcome or the end goal that participants should achieve.


2. Infusing Your Unique Thought Process

Your program's uniqueness comes from your thought process and expertise. It's...

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The Essential Guide to Pricing Your Content for Licensing

Navigating the world of content licensing can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to pricing your intellectual property. This guide provides you with a clear roadmap to effectively price your content, ensuring you leverage its full potential in the market.

1. Know Your Operational Costs

Start by understanding the costs involved in content licensing. This includes everything from software and platform fees to team management and distribution costs. Having a clear grasp of these expenses sets a solid foundation for your pricing strategy.

2. Calculate the ROI of Your Content

Determining the Return on Investment (ROI) is crucial. It's not just about the financial returns but also the intangible benefits like skill enhancement or lifestyle improvements that your content offers. Quantify these benefits to articulate the value proposition of your content effectively.

3. Choose the Right Pricing Strategy

Consider these two strategies:

  • Bulk Pricing: Offer discounts based on...

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Easy Licensing Offers

Discover easy licensing offers that every entrepreneur can do, regardless of your experience with licensing, length of time in business, and capacity. 
Licensing is a great way to scale your business and expand the work you've already done by allowing other companies to distribute your trainings, content, courses, systems, frameworks, or materials. The process of licensing may seem huge, especially when you've never done it before. But, you don't want to miss out on an opportunity to scale your business. 
Discover 3 easy licensing offers that will increase your profit with little sales time and effort. 
  1. Team up with your network: Offer one course or one module to another entrepreneur to add to their offer or program. By offering a single course or module from your training, you can allow fellow entrepreneurs to enhance their existing programs. While you still retain the rights and can sell your full course, this method lets you share a...
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Licensing Made Simple: A Guide for Coaches & Consultants to Sell Their Courses To Corporations, Organizations, and Small Businesses

b2blicensing licensing May 15, 2023



As a leading expert in licensing programs, I have helped countless entrepreneurs unlock new levels of growth and success for their businesses. But it wasn't always that way for me.


14 years ago, I was struggling to keep up with the demands of my business, constantly derailed by unexpected events and overwhelmed by the never-ending to-do list. It wasn't until I learned to streamline my business and focus on the tasks that generated the most revenue that I started to see real progress.


One of the key strategies I discovered was the power of licensing my training programs. It allowed me to leverage the expertise of other companies who had established networks and distribution channels, reaching a much wider audience than I could have ever done on my own. Through trial and error, I learned the ins and outs of licensing programs and have since become a sought-after expert in this field. I've helped entrepreneurs across industries to unlock new revenue...

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