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What Really is a Signature Offer or Program and Why Does Your Company Need One?

Oct 05, 2020

A signature offer or program is a process that you create from your intellectual property that gives your clients transformational results. That offer also allows you to establish yourself as an expert in your space. It is important to note that no matter where you are in your business, your company needs a signature offer as it will propel your business in your market and in your niche. 


What a signature offer is and what it is not.

In order to gain the desired results from your signature offer, you need to ensure you are creating a true signature offer. In order to do that you need to know what a signature offer is and what it is not.

  • A signature offer extracts your expertise.
  • It is derived from your intellectual property. This will include your experience in your particular area. So this will not only include your wins but also your losses and how you overcame those losses.
  • Your signature offer is unique. That means you should be offering something to your clients...
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Three Steps To Take Your Offline Business Online

Sep 24, 2020

The future is digital. A huge portion of buyers are online and this means that all businesses, big and small, should also be offering services in that online space. Now more than ever, there are buyers looking to buy services online. Even services they might not have been comfortable buying online just a year ago.

So if you own a brick and mortar business or you offer services face-to-face, you should be considering taking your business online. This also goes for businesses offering one-on-one services.

Moving services online provides the potential of reaching more clients. With an online business model, you can offer your services to multiple people at the same time. You will also have more time and location freedom. This will in turn improve your customer service. 

But knowing that you want to take your business online is one thing; knowing HOW to do that is another. Maybe you don't know where to start.

I'm sharing a step-by-step guide on exactly how you can take your...

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How to Create Services That Sell Right Now

Sep 23, 2020

Generating sales is usually the driving force for many businesses. However, as markets change, your ability to provide and sell relevant products and services to your niche market becomes a constant struggle.

During this pandemic, this statement holds true...and maybe more than ever before. This is simply because people are more cautious about how they spend their money. Especially in the world where economies have been hit and incomes have been affected. Buyers are only focusing on the essentials of life.

With this change, I understand if the main concern on your mind right now is how to create services that sell right now. And if you are an established business struggling to get sales or you are getting sales, but you are considering scaling your business through online offers, this is for you. This information will also help you if you are a new business trying to determine their first service and trying to get an offer on the market that will sell right now.


Get to...

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Key Areas To Reset and Refocus Your Business This Fall – Part 2

Sep 15, 2020

As we approach the end of the year many businesses aim to refocus in order to make their end of year goals. In our last article, I spoke about refocusing your business by resetting aspects such as your offer, your marketing, and lead generation systems as well as your internal systems. If you haven't read that, 6 Key Areas to Reset and Refocus Your Business This Fall, Part 1 head on over for full details before I go over the remaining tips.


These reaming tips will be looking more at you, the business owner. Now you may be wondering why we need to have a look at you. The answer is simple. You and other aspects of your life ultimately affect your business; therefore, it is equally important to analyze those as well. As the owner of the business, your mind, your connections, and your home and office life are key components to your success.


Refocus Your Mind

Without the right mindset, you won't be able to achieve your goals. According to Tony Robbins, your business...

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How to Build Your First Digital Marketing Funnel

Aug 12, 2020

An important aspect of any company operation is its marketing efforts. Companies market themselves in order to build brand awareness and turn leads into customers. But in most cases, these leads may not become customers right away, and they may need more time to get to know your brand and what you have to offer.

This is where a digital marketing funnel will be essential to your company. A marketing funnel is a great way to improve your sales as it will allow you to build some sort of relationship with your customers.

A marketing funnel is a series of online pages and actions that bring new users into your site so that you can capture their information and build a relationship with them for future sales.

A marketing funnel should not be confused with a sales funnel. Even though the structures of both tools are the same, the end results of each are what makes them fundamentally different. A marketing funnel is used to generate leads for future sales and a sales funnel is used as a...

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How to Survive a Facebook or Instagram Hack on Your Business

Aug 03, 2020
As an entrepreneur, you know how important social media is to your business. It is a key element in your business operation that requires money and resources. And it’s no surprise that so many businesses host their online communities there. 
Social media is used to communicate and engage audiences as well as share details about your business to the world. Many businesses also use social media as a means of establishing themselves as experts in their field. So you can see how your social presence is everything in business. 
Now imagine waking up to discover that presence was gone. Imagine all your social content, gone. Your access to your community, gone. Your Facebook pixels, customer data, and contacts, all gone. And all in a single night. How would you react? 

Sharing from personal experience, here.

Unfortunately, that is what happened to us at the SweetLife Company, and I want to ensure this does not happen to you. But it is...
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Email Marketing Software Every Company Should Have

Jun 15, 2020
 Email Marketing is the act of communicating or broadcasting a message to a group of current and/or prospective customers through email, and it's an important aspect of any business foundation.
It is used to build brand awareness, to build relationships, and to drive sales. It is a cost-effective way to get the word out about your business and your product offering quickly. 
Email Marketing should be utilized by all businesses no matter if the business is a traditional brick and mortar or online. And as foundational as this subject may seem, the sad truth is that many businesses are not utilizing email marketing and for those who do, they are not using it correctly.

You MUST have a business email.

The first aspect to utilize email marketing effectively in your business is to ensure that you have a branded business email. Your personal business email or branded email is an email address that carries the same name as your brand. This will include...
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LinkedIn Ads: How to Get Started

May 25, 2020

LinkedIn is an amazing, untapped platform that businesses can use to market their product. Like other social media platforms you can run ads on LinkedIn. As with other networks you need to determine if the chosen platform is able to reach your audience in order to make an educated and informed decision as to move forward with LinkedIn ads as a strategic, marketing move your business.


Should Your Company Be Advertising on LinkedIn?

Your business niche will determine if running LinkedIn ads is right for your business. There are three categories of companies that are a great fit for LinkedIn ads:


  • Business to Business companies
  • Businesses that target higher level institutions like universities, especially those that offer MBA programs and higher
  • Knowledge Commerce Companies (These are companies that focus on knowledge sharing and teaching individual skills that they need to succeed. You can use LinkedIn to target people who are already at a certain education or skill...
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How to Launch Your Online Consulting Business in Just 10 Days

May 11, 2020

So you have decided to start your consultation business and for that, I commend you. You're an expert in your field so wanting to create your own business coaching others in this same area is a natural next step. But until you put have a plan and actually put that plan into action, it is only a thought. Let's change that today. I'm giving you the reliable, trustworthy steps to take to start your consulting business and start fast.


What are the steps to starting your consulting business?


Step 1: Choose a consulting niche that you are already experienced in

This goes without saying, but you need to ensure that you start a consulting business based on the skills that you are an expert in. This can be a skill or job that you have been doing for a number of years. No matter how basic it seems to you, there are business owners out there who do not know how to perform these business functions, and they need your expertise.

Choosing to coach a business based on a skill you...

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5 Steps To Launch Your Services Online: Group Coaching

Apr 06, 2020

So maybe you are finding yourself in a place where your company is ready to scale, and you’ve reached capacity.


This a great opportunity for you to continue to reach your established customers AND gain more customers by launching group group coaching services.

When talking about group coaching, it's important to differentiate. This is actually for those of you who want to host a group where each individual in the group has their own story and their own track. 

Your clients still all have similar goals, and you still have to outline expectations for any group you launch, but each person is creating their own reality out of the instruction that you are giving.

And I LOVE this topic because my favorite thing to do is to connect with people live in a group.

There's so much fire and passion that goes into this type of coaching session. And people start talking and inspiring each other. It is one of the best ways to coach people.

Every coach’s...

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