Email Marketing Software Every Company Should Have

 Email Marketing is the act of communicating or broadcasting a message to a group of current and/or prospective customers through email, and it's an important aspect of any business foundation.
It is used to build brand awareness, to build relationships, and to drive sales. It is a cost-effective way to get the word out about your business and your product offering quickly. 
Email Marketing should be utilized by all businesses no matter if the business is a traditional brick and mortar or online. And as foundational as this subject may seem, the sad truth is that many businesses are not utilizing email marketing and for those who do, they are not using it correctly.

You MUST have a business email.

The first aspect to utilize email marketing effectively in your business is to ensure that you have a branded business email. Your personal business email or branded email is an email address that carries the same name as your brand. This will include your business’ website domain name. Take mine for example, it’s [email protected]
Having a branded email address ending with your company domain name builds trust and authority as well as increases the professionalism of your business. This will also aid in building brand awareness for your business. 

How do you acquire a branded email?

You can easily get a branded email address for your business by utilizing a paid platform called G Suite Gmail for business. This platform will also allow you to create custom email addresses for your business and your team. It is a small investment, and it is worth the benefits of ensuring that your brand looks professional. The G Suite platform will also allow you to have access to software options like spreadsheets and different advanced options that are necessary in order to grow your company and to manage your communications. 

It isn’t all just about the name.

Having a branded email extends past just having a custom email address with your domain name. You also need to ensure that the inside of your email is branded as well by including a professional signature. Your signature will include your name, title, email, telephone number, logo, and website address. This should be included in all your emails. 

Let’s kick your email game up a notch.

Another strategy that you can implement to simply things and organize your inbound emails is to consider having 2 or more business email addresses. The first one will be your primary branded email that sends out communications and personalized messages to business partners. This email can also be used to receive replies from those previous communications.  This would be the email with [email protected].
The second email address to consider is an inbound catch-all email mailbox used to capture general inquiries and other communication. This can be a support email. This email could include the following options:
You can also create specific email addresses for different divisions for your company.  I have one specifically for podcast inquiries.  This way, I know exactly where to go looking for specific emails.
Creating these different email address will ensure that you stay organized and stay on track of your communication and stay sane. Create your email addresses with the intention that each one will perform a different function for your business. 

Next stop…an email marketing manager!

The second aspect of  utilizing email marketing correctly in your business is to implement an email marketing manager. Your email marketing manager is the software that houses or holds your list of leads and clients. 
The best part about having an email marketing manager is that you can broadcast messages to either your entire list of leads in your database or only a subset of people on your list. You are able to write one email and publish it to your email marketing manager which will then distribute that email to the correct recipients based on the parameters you have entered. 

Here’s the magic. 

Email marketing manager software utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) in the form of automation to connect and communicate with the people in your database automatically without you having to be there. The AI will identify an action that a customer or lead takes on your website or outbound email, and it automatically produces the correct set of actions or responses relevant to that action.  And all this can happen while you relax at the beach or enjoy a lunch with friends or take a few days off from work completely.

As a side note…

It is imperative that your email marketing manager is strategically developed so that you are compliant, and you are not spamming people with irrelevant sequences that do not match the action they took when they visited your website or clicked on a link in your email. 
Frankly, most businesses are able to accomplish this goal with a very simple and easy email marketing management software without all the fancy bells and whistles. You only need an email marketing manager to manage your list, segment your list, and continue to collect names and email addresses to add to your list. The two email marketing managers I would recommend are Convert Kit and Ontraport

Your business can’t afford to not be on board with email marketing.

You are way too busy serving your clients and dreaming up awesome ways to grow your business. You do not have time to be sitting there typing emails one by one to all your leads and clients. Therefore, it’s important to utilize the software that is available to us as business owners to create to build a deeper relationship with your audience. 
Using artificial intelligence allows you to give each person on your list a personal message, even when you aren’t technically there typing and hitting the send button. By having an effective email marketing strategy and the appropriate software in place you are able to build brand awareness, build customer relations, and also increase your sales opportunities. 
And did I mention that if you ever hope to scale your biz, you had better plan on getting your email marketing engine primed and pumped? There is no time like the present to get this started. 
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