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Email Marketing Software Every Company Should Have

 Email Marketing is the act of communicating or broadcasting a message to a group of current and/or prospective customers through email, and it's an important aspect of any business foundation.
It is used to build brand awareness, to build relationships, and to drive sales. It is a cost-effective way to get the word out about your business and your product offering quickly. 
Email Marketing should be utilized by all businesses no matter if the business is a traditional brick and mortar or online. And as foundational as this subject may seem, the sad truth is that many businesses are not utilizing email marketing and for those who do, they are not using it correctly.

You MUST have a business email.

The first aspect to utilize email marketing effectively in your business is to ensure that you have a branded business email. Your personal business email or branded email is an email address that carries the same name as your brand. This will include...
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Top 10 Lessons Learned, From 3 Years Of Podcasting

podcast Jan 12, 2020
3 years, 157 episodes, 18 countries, 120K+ downloads, 500+ hours of podcast production, and here we are! The SweetLife Entrepreneur Podcast™ is turning 3!
We are so grateful to you for tuning in and doing business-life with us for 1095 days. 
Launching this podcast was one of the best business decisions I ever made. It’s a true extension of my why which is “to inspire and equip women to design their life through entrepreneurship”. Producing the podcast is hard work, but because it aligns with my core purpose, it’s the good kind of hard. 
Thank you for those who’ve tuned in, shared our show and continued to trust us to help you grow a profitable lifestyle business. 
I often get asked questions about how I produce the show with 2 busy companies and three teenage boys with massive travel. It’s definitely not easy! This week in the show Britany...
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