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How To Use LinkedIn To Grow Your Business

Jun 08, 2020
LinkedIn is the best B2B social platform that exists. It is the leading platform for building personal networks and connections via word-of-mouth. Through these connections, LinkedIn provides businesses the ability to grow exponentially. The best part? This can all be done from the comfort of your office or home as you don't need to physically and/or personally attend events to find those high-quality connections and leads. 
Another advantage of this social platform is that it is a great way to strengthen your brand and make it highly visible. LinkedIn is an amazing, untapped platform that can generate high quality leads for your business if it is utilized properly.  But, many business owners are yet to fully dig into the benefits and power of LinkedIn.

Why Is LinkedIn A Great Resource To Grow Your Business? 

This has to do with the word-of-mouth benefits mentioned earlier. Given that this platform heightens human connections and strengthens your voice...
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LinkedIn Ad Strategies to Increase B2B Sales

Jun 01, 2020

Determining Your LinkedIn Ad Budget 

Before we dive into determining your LinkedIn ad strategies and budget, you first need to determine if your business is right for LinkedIn ads. There are three business types that do well using LinkedIn ads, and it is best to see if your business is one of them. 
Please see my previous blog post here where I highlight exactly what type of business performs well with LinkedIn ads. 
If you have done your research and decided that LinkedIn ads are a good fit for your marketing strategy, then I strongly recommend that you decide on your ad format. 
When I say ad format I am speaking to whether you are going to run Sponsored ads, Message ads, Text ads, or Dynamic ads. And keep in mind that the type of ad format you choose to run on LinkedIn will definitely depend upon your goals and your budget. 

Sponsored Content Ads 

These are native ads that appear in your target audience’s news...
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LinkedIn Ads: How to Get Started

May 25, 2020

LinkedIn is an amazing, untapped platform that businesses can use to market their product. Like other social media platforms you can run ads on LinkedIn. As with other networks you need to determine if the chosen platform is able to reach your audience in order to make an educated and informed decision as to move forward with LinkedIn ads as a strategic, marketing move your business.


Should Your Company Be Advertising on LinkedIn?

Your business niche will determine if running LinkedIn ads is right for your business. There are three categories of companies that are a great fit for LinkedIn ads:


  • Business to Business companies
  • Businesses that target higher level institutions like universities, especially those that offer MBA programs and higher
  • Knowledge Commerce Companies (These are companies that focus on knowledge sharing and teaching individual skills that they need to succeed. You can use LinkedIn to target people who are already at a certain education or skill...
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