Easy Steps to Take to Create Videos for Your Courses, Webinar, or Trainings

Creating video content for your business is a great strategy to implement as it aids in engaging your audience, building brand awareness, and making your business stand out from the crowd. 
Video content is a great way to provide much-needed information, and it has proven to increase conversion rates by over 60%. It is also proven that video content is processed by the brain at a much faster rate than text information. Ultimately this means that people actually prefer watching videos and are much more likely to share your content. 
The bottom line is that if you have a product or service you need to be creating video content. Your next step then is to decide on how you need to go about doing that. I’m sharing a step-by-step process on how you can easily get started with creating your videos. I will also outline the type of video content you should be creating for business and the recommended tools needed to create each content type and where you can share them. 

The Best Type of Content to Create for Your Business 

There are typically three (3) types of content you can create for an online course or a webinar. The content type that you choose will be based largely on your audience and the message you are trying to bring across. It is easy to create this type of content, and it can be created with basic tools that you might already have access to.

Video Only

This type of content involves getting in front of the camera and talking to your intended audience. This structure is similar to teaching or talking on stage except it takes a virtual format. The drawback to this type of content is that you need to be a great presenter who is great at speaking on the spot, and you need to be able to keep your audience engaged. 
Keeping your audience engaged is especially important for creating pre-recorded content where your audience is not able to talk back or give feedback. This form of delivery is ideal for people who are experts in their field or have some experience teaching online or speaking on stage. If you are able to deliver the required information while keeping your audience engaged, I would definitely recommend this type of content. 

PowerPoint Presentation Videos

The second type of content that you can deliver is a PowerPoint presentation video. This content type is also excellent for visual learners. You can create your PowerPoint and add a voice-over to talk to your audience through the presentation. This form of content is great if you have a lot of data or step by step instructions. 
Delivering your message in a PowerPoint can prove to be extremely effective if you have structured data that your audience needs to take action on. This is excellent for those who are teaching a class. This is also a great option for those who are not quite comfortable on camera. Another positive of PowerPoint presentation  video is that this type of content can help guide you and keep you on track with the data you want to present.  
The drawback of choosing to create PowerPoint video content is that it takes three (3) times longer than video-only content to structure, create, and edit, especially if you are going to add a voice-over. 
Now a great tool and by far the best and fastest way to create beautiful PowerPoints is through an online tool called Canva. This website has a lot of pre-built templates that will allow you to plug in your content and present them as a Microsoft Presentation. 

Combination of Video and PowerPoint Presentation 

Thirdly, you can choose to utilize a combination of both video and PowerPoint presentations. You may show yourself talking in some parts of your video, and then switch over to a whiteboard presentation or the PowerPoint. This method is excellent if you want to talk to your audience on camera but you also have a lot of visual data to present. 
This is my number one recommended way for businesses to present content. It is a great way to keep your students engaged while meeting their needs no matter their preferred method of learning.
This method is highly recommended for new businesses that are trying to connect with their audience and trying to build their brand. Do note that this type of content does take time to create based on the variety, but trust me, it is worth it. 

How To Create Your Videos 

  1. The first step for creating your videos is to first decide on how you will deliver your content.  
  2. Gather all the materials and content you need especially if you need to create added value to go with content i.e. downloads, graphics, slides, pictures, etc.  You need to layout your content structure and be clear on what you will be teaching. It's important to have a clear content structure so that people know exactly what to expect and if they want to stay tuned. 
  3. Prepare the room that you will be recording your video. You will need to ensure that your room has great lighting and more importantly, the sound quality of your video needs to be phenomenal. 
  4. The last step is to decide on how to record your videos. 

Tools you can use to create your video content 

Iphone or Ipad
If you are recording a simple video then your iPhone or Pad will work great. There is no need to invest in expensive or extremely technical equipment.
In order to produce a video with great audio quality, you will need to invest in a mike. You can either invest in a cordless mike or a mike with a cord that you can simply attach to your shirt. By getting a mike you will be able to ensure that your audience can hear you clearly. No one will stick around to listen to your content if they cannot hear you. 
Zoom Meeting
Another method for creating your video is by using Zoom Meeting. All you need is to create a Zoom meeting account. You can use Zoom to start a meeting and then record that meeting all without inviting a single person.
With this tool, you can share your slides, record your audio, connect an external microphone to improve audio and so much more. Once you're finished recording your meeting you can then share with your audience. You also have the option of hosting your Zoom meeting live. You can teach your training to people. You can then record and download that meeting and use it to teach other persons at a later date by adding it to your course. This way you are using live content and turning it into evergreen content that you are able to resell. 
Ecamm Live
Finally, we recommend that you can use it to create video content called Ecamm Live. Ecamm Live works similarly to Zoom where you can either record a meeting or host a live meeting. We recommend this tool as it is the highest quality video recording software out there and it has many features to suit your needs. On a side note, it does require a bit of tech training before you can get started. 
Another great tip is that you can use video editors such as iMovie to edit your video, change the background or lighting. 

You can only go up from here.

If you have a product or service you need to be creating video content. You also have to decide on the type of content that you are going to create, the delivery method, and also the structure.  The important thing is just to get started and bring your content online.
It doesn’t have to be perfect, and it’s not going to be perfect.  Just focus on making amazing content because consumers are much more forgiving than ever before. They want to learn and buy from people who are real and authentic.  So don’t stop in your tracks because perfect is your goal. You’ve got the knowledge and the expertise that people are needing right now.
Take action today!

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