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4 Pitches To Land Your Dream Business Affiliates

Jul 20, 2020
“The fastest way to grow your business is to borrow someone else’s audience.”  Kathy Haan
This has to be one of my favorite business quotes of all time. Because it is so very true. And this is why I recommend starting a business affiliate partnership with another brand. 
But gaining affiliate partnerships is not easy, especially if you are trying to win a partnership with an industry leader. But don’t despair. You can definitely win your dream business affiliates if you take the right action. 
With these proven pitches shared here,  you will know how to pitch to your potential business affiliate partners effectively in order to win that much-desired partnership.

Where To Start? 

To ensure that your partnership is a mutually beneficial one, you need to find the right partner. If you have not already done so and you are not sure where to begin, you can read our previous blog post on how to find the right...
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4 Steps To Land Any Business Affiliate Partnership You Want

Jul 13, 2020

Tapping into someone else’s audience and developing affiliate partnerships is a great way to gain exposure for your services. Although this business model can be utilized by anyone, it is ideal for those just launching their business. This model will also work for those who have a new product to promote or those who are entering a new market.

If this piques your interest and seems like a viable option for growth (because it is), then begin by answering the following questions:

  • How do I get the business I want to work with to promote my services?
  • How can I find businesses to network with to get my business off the ground?

Maybe this strategy has been on your radar, but you are yet to land your first business partner or would like to increase your success rate. I am sharing the step-by-step process on how to land any business affiliate partnership you want.

These are the same proven strategies I’ve been teaching since 2008 which landed me partnerships with...

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