A workshop for entrepreneurs, experts, and small business owners who want to scale their business and become a leader in their niche by licensing their course or content, creating a certification, or train-the-trainer program.



Online: April 24, 2024 via Zoom 12pm to 3:30pm Eastern Time.



Why Licensing? 


Licensing is the next level for established entrepreneurs. Once you've created excellent trainings, it's time to scale your reach. By licensing your programs to other companies, you can move from selling 1-1, to selling in bulk while quickly upgrading your profit, lifestyle and thought-leadership.


In an overcrowded industry of coaches and consultants, licensing is the secret path that allows you to separate yourself and propel miles ahead of your competition.




This is a hands on learning and implementation workshop. You'll be guided through the 7 Decision Points to create your first Licensing Package and learn how to make each decision decisively and confidently.


Clarify Your Options for Licensing

Define Your Licensing Goals

Learn Your Licensing Options

Create Your Licensing Strategy

Learn Decision Points To Value Your Program

 Understand the 3 Primary Ways To Release Your Program 

Choose Which Trainings Are Best To License First

7 Decisions That Create Your First Licensing Package



  • Sam - Licensing his training methods, processes, and classes to other gyms. (USA)
  • Jenn - Turned her 6 module Course into a licensed training for corporations with up to ~16k employees. (USA) 
  • Kimberly - Licensing her course in multiple educational systems (USA)
  • Carol - Licensing her classes as parental benefits to orporations. (GA) 
  • Abby - Licensed her social media training to University (WA, Mexico) 
  • Stacia - Licensed her course to University (AZ, FL) 
  • Debra - Licensed her 8 module course to Nonprofit (International)


  • ​You'll have a clear understanding of your licensing options

  • Your first licensing package will be outlined

  • You'll know what pitfalls to avoid and how to not lose your life's work

  • You'll ​increase credibility across your audience

  • You'll have a plan to ​expand from B2C to B2B 


The "Expert Space" is quickly becoming overcrowded. As an established expert, you've had your nose to the grid serving clients and getting people results. Then, one day you look up and there are 1000 more "experts" just like you.

Now, you and I both know that those other "experts" are probably not as amazing as you are 😉, and they likely don't have a fraction your experience. None the less, you're tired of swimming in a Red Ocean and competing with the masses. It's time for your next business and lifestyle level.

When you've delivered trainings, courses, consulting, or frameworks that give your clients results, you've earned the right to scale in a way that not all others can! 

Licensing expands the reach of your genius, with less work, less management, less marketing and more profit.


I get it... I've been in the coaching and courses spaces for over 15 years.  When it's time to move past launches, funnels, and the online marketing masses, licensing is where the leaders land.


You want to elevate your brand and increase your profits, while opening up time for other projects, speaking, writing, thought-leadership and travel.


Licensing is the perfect business model to get more out of your trainings, courses, and workshops with less work and higher profit.

Licensing is a simple process that anyone can follow, and licensing requires less time and less management than your B2C Consulting business.

Create a foolproof Licensing Plan™ that converts - without sacrificing your brand, IP, or time.

At the end of License To Scale™ you will know:


  • What current programs (or ideas) are the best to license
  • How to package your content
  • What companies are looking to buy
  • What pitfalls to avoid
  • How long your licensing term should be
  • How many people you'll allow to access your trainings
  • The "rules" you'll require for accessing your content
  • Where your content should live
  • Who should manage your trainings after licensing release
  • How to price your licensing
  • How to protect your IP
  • How to make 7 key decisions that make up your complete licensing plan 


This is the only training that exists on licensing your content in this manner. You've found THE PLACE to get clarity and scale through licensing.


  1. Your first licensing package outlined

  2. Your decisions regarding how you'll package your content will be clear

  3. Your ideal buyer targeted

  4. The ability to start selling right away





Meet Your Guide 

April Beach is an award-winning business strategist, and rare to find lifelong entrepreneur, who’s been teaching experts, coaches, consultants, authors, and speakers to successfully scale with million dollar programs, and online offer ecosystems for 27 years.

April helps experts extract their genius, design their frameworks, package their programs, and engineer custom online offers that scale for high profit, and deliver lifestyle control. Her guidance has led entrepreneurs in 17 countries to develop transformational online courses, coaching programs, masterminds, memberships, hybrid programs, certifications, and content licensing packages that lead the way. April is an award winning podcast host and her own courses have been licensed by companies in 13 countries for over a decade.

April has been featured on Today, MSNBC, and Fox News, in the New York Times, Austin Women’s Magazine, 5280 Magazine, the Denver Business Journal, and by Patagonia®. April has partnered with numerous leading brands to creatively expand their reach. She was named the “Greatest Thinker of 2012” by the Denver Post, and “Top 50 Moms In Podcasting” in 2021 for her leading show, SweetLife Entrepreneur™.

"April is such a pro!!" 

Co-Founder, Funnel Gorgeous®

Discover The Benchmarks You'll Hit In This One Day Event


Part 1

What is licensing? What types of content do companies line up to license? Setting your licensing goals. Determine how licensing plays a role in your business future and understand your options.

Licensing basics, legal terms and what you need to know. 



Part 2

Understand how to package your licensed offer with coaching, consulting or support. Learn about certifications with licensing and decide what's right for your business.



Parts 3 & 4


How to value your licensing package including what matters to companies, how to balance direct ROI versus intangible program outcomes and how to clearly communicate the power of your program to sell.

Discover the 7 Levers of Licensing™ which are key decisions you need to make to determine your licensing fee.


Part 5

Understand how to package and sell your program. Learn our Selling Steps. Discover the selling tools you'll need, how to sell quick licensing packages fast, and the process to sell million dollar deals and close large clients


Licensing is the most powerful scaling secret. If you're ready separate from the coaching industry masses and take your place as a thought leader, now is the time to get started, before everyone catches on.

When I first met April, I didn't know what I didn't know. I had my book and my course and I knew I wanted to expand the reach of my work. April knew exactly what I needed and guided my to close my first licensing deal. Now, she's guided me to close more...

Debra R.
Communication Expert

I am just so grateful for April's guidance. I didn't know how to license or really what licensing was, but I knew we needed to expand the work of our program and the mission of our nonprofit. April helped me create the whole plan and has coached me every step of the way.

Rachel T.
Nonprofit Founder

April is ridiculous at getting you business clarity. She has a way of extracting your genius and building it into a framework that will make you millions and blow your mind!

Heather H.
Business Coach

When I found April I didn't even know what I needed... but she knew! It was like she was in my brain and immediately knew my next right steps. She talked about things that no other business coach had ever mentioned... the exact things I needed and couldn't yet articulate.

Stacia R.
High Performance Coach

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