Amplify Your Life, Work, and Profit with Licensing

You've dedicated yourself, invested your time, and achieved your goals. Your skills are honed, and now you stand ready to significantly increase your earnings and extend your reach well beyond the average coach or consultant. Only a select few possess the vision, self-belief, and perseverance to arrive where you are today, ready for the next level with:

  • More lifestyle freedom
  • Broader impact from your content and trainings
  • Quality time with loved ones
  • Mental clarity, peace, health, and room for fresh inspirations and ventures

Please dive into the resources we've curated here for you. Or book a complimentary Licensing Planning Call for personalized next steps. 

We have the roadmap and coaching you need to excel in licensing, packaging, pricing and selling your content including...

1. How to license your content, courses, videos, or assets to other entities.

2. How to create your certification, train-the-trainer, or methodology training program.

3. Designing your business for lifestyle success and fulfillment at the next level


Get Started With Licensing

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Licensing 101

Discover case studies and get excited about how you can license the work you've already done! 

Free Training

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Licensing Launchpad™

5 part mini course that helps you determine your first buyers, value the content you have, and create your first Licensing Action Plan.


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License To Scale™ 

1 Day, In-person or Live Online Masterclass

Completely package your first licensing offer. Receive coaching, feedback, and QA within the event. 

In person class includes lunch and mastermind dinner.

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The Licensing Accelerator™

30 Days: Weekly projects + instruction with added office hours for personalized coaching & support

Completely package and price your first licensing offer. Similar to License To Scale™, you'll access our complete packaging strategy plus our calculators and the personalized coaching necessary to nail your pricing.

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Licensing Retreat

Like our Accelerator but delivered in a 5-day Retreat. Unlimited access to April & Team. Implementation combined with strategy, rest and mastermind held in a dream destination location.

Register early. Space is very limited.

Completely package and price your first licensing offer. Similar to License To Scale™, you'll access our complete packaging strategy plus our calculators and the personalized coaching necessary to nail your pricing.

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Choose 6 or 12 Months:

Hybrid private + small group consulting from ideation through sales. Weekly office hours plus coaching events, hot seats, and 1-1 time. Includes every tool, template, contract and SOP for licensing plus the most dedicated, personalized support from April and our team of established experts. 

Completely licensing strategy, ideation, and opportunity assessment with full support to package, price and sell your licensing offers including your licensing contract - plus outreach, pitch and sales templates with consulting to customize. Weekly access to April and Team of Experts, Marketing, PR and Thought-Leadership Consulting, with like-minded professionals so you thrive.