The Ultimate Guide To Design Your Perfect Coaching Business

The term business model refers to your plan for making a profit by the types products and services you sell

Aka: Your  business model is the way you serve your clients and make money

Examples of common business models for experts, coaches and consultants are coaching 1-1, coaching group, online courses, membership communities, masterminds, retreats, live virtual events, and more. 

Your business model can be different for each product in your offer suite, or you can create an offer roadmap that flows people to different levels within one offer and model.

Picking the right business model is fundamental in allowing you to live the life you want to live.  In oder to pick the right business model for you and your business, April suggests asking yourself these questions and answer them as if it was 5 years from now.

  1. How many hours per week do I like to work (5 years from now)?
  2. How do I really love to serve my clients?
  3. Do I have others working for me, or a thriving solo gig?
  4. Do I move/travel or do I love my town to death?
  5. Do I work from home? What does my office look like?
  6. What am I really good at? 
  7. What does my ideal client need from me? 
  8. How much money do I make?

By fully considering your long term business model, revisiting and revising as needed (as your life changes), and taking control of your circumstances by pre-planning and building services that can scale... You’ll always have a business that's built around your life… not your life around your business.

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