How To License Your Course Content or Program

If you’re an established business with a course or program and you want to scale - you may want to consider licensing your material.  
Licensing is when your content, course or program is used by other businesses for them to grow and make money.
April Beach says Licensing enables what I call exponential scalability’.
Want to know more benefits?
Aside from scalability and the financial benefits of scaling, licensing your content also demonstrates leadership in your niche and increases credibility which could lead to other opportunities.
But would it work for your business?  There are 3 main models of licensing that a business can opt to do;
  • Straight as is with your ™ - Clearly presented with your name and logo with no doubt as to whose content it is.
  • Co branded - Licensing with partnership meaning the content is yours but the licensee also adds their brand to the content being used.
  • Editable or white label  - This means that the licensee can pass their content as their own and market the product as they choose. 
Lastly, you may wonder who you should consider licensing to.  You could consider companies who are not in direct competition with you but who serve the same audience, and want to look better or expand their reach, grow their list, increase sales, save time and/or other companies exactly like yours who are missing, need and want expert content, turnkey offers, or plug and play for instant results.
If you are ready to take the steps and license your content that allows you to scale to the next level, visit 

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