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Pivoting your Business to Stay Relevant

The current situation we are facing is an unprecedented time in our generation. With the emergence of this pandemic, we find that no one is left unscathed, and many are just trying to get to the other side. As a business leader, you have planned and planned, but no amount of planning could have prepared you for what has arrived. 

As the world shifts, so must your business. Not forever, but for now and one big important part is staying relevant so people keep their eyes on you. 

How do you do this? The answer defies all things you’ve ever heard about marketing… 


Ditch the plan!

The business plan you have spent months in advance preparing and perfecting might have been excellent before the business environment changed. 

You need to change your business model in order to match the air of the room and to stay relevant to your customers. Simply put, you need to pivot your business.

Changes in the business environment are inevitable and unavoidable,...

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Should You Pivot Your Business Right Now?

Pivot is the hot word right now for all businesses, and for good reason. Every business owner that I have spoken with lately knows that if there has ever been a time to make a shift, IT’S RIGHT NOW.

This is also easier said than done. I get that, and that is why I am so compelled to help you make the short-term changes you may need to make right now in order to have long-term business success.

I know it isn’t that you are reluctant to pivot or shift.  It’s that you are probably wondering what to do. You may be feeling lost, stuck, or just plain scared of doing the wrong thing at the wrong time.

It comes down to this: YOUR MINDSET. Listen, you’ve heard this before, but your mindset truly is the driving force behind the success or failure of really anything that you go after in life.  

Knowing where you are in regards to your mindset is the first step in taking the action that will help you make the pivot you need to make in your...

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