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Using White Board Sessions To Increase Sales

Dec 12, 2022

A whiteboard session is like a live webinar where you work with your leads, you help them to solve a specific problem, thereby gaining trust and positioning you as the ultimate solution that they were looking for. 

"Whiteboard sessions are a powerful, powerful way to turn your list into buyers. Very faithful buyers."  April Beach.

8 steps of using the whiteboard sessions to turn leads into buys.

  1. Pick a specific problem you're solving
  2. Get your list excited
  3. Schedule your session
  4. Send out invites to the session and make it exclusive and special
  5. Get your tech ready
  6. Send lots of reminders
  7. Host your event. Be the solution.
  8. Make an offer

Now the KEY is how you work step 7 - while you're actually hosting the white board session.

This is what I suggest within my program;

Start by sharing like your philosophical genius and thoughts about the problem that you are solving. Position yourself as someone in the know.

Open the floor for others to share their issue with whatever...

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