9 Lead Magnets That are Working in 2021

Lead magnets for your business are nothing new but trends in what actually works to attract today's audience is always changing.

You need to ensure that you are up to date with what's working to allow your business to continuously generate amazing high-quality leads towards your ideal clients.

So, what IS working when it comes to lead magnets right now in 2021?

First, let's clarify, what a lead magnet is - something of high value that you give away for free in exchange for a person's contact details or other information.

We call it a lead magnet because its purpose is to literally magnetize leads to your business and get potential clients to come to you.

What is working right now are customized and curated high value, low time lead magnets, and here are a few ideas of how that might look;


Entertaining Content

Think quick accomplishments or challenges, maybe something with group interaction - keep people entertained, have them laugh or feel good, allow them to be part of something.


Elevate Your Audience's IQ

Anytime we can improve someone's knowledge around a specific topic we've given them a transformation.

If you have short videos containing information that leaves people wanting more, USE THEM, these are doing really great as lead magnets.


Audio Files

People love audio because they don't have to be staring at a screen to absorb whatever it is you are sharing, they can be driving or at the gym.


Trial Demos of a Product

Let potential clients test your offer/product for a short period of time to experience it. People love to feel part of something exclusive and like they know what they are buying, use this approach as a teaser that leaves them needing to buy full accessibility.



This should be full of great content and not very long - a meal plan or a marketing calendar, a workout plan, or perhaps a step-by-step how-to guide.

These lead magnets are still doing really well but make sure that they're short and provide people with a quick transformation so that they immediately fall totally in love with you and your products.


A Survey 

Explain to your audience that you are generating a report around your business and your customers' requirements and you ask users to answer a few survey questions and share their contact details in exchange for getting a copy of the whole report.

Make it clear to them that their opinions matter to you and other people in your niche and that you will be sharing that report.



Round table discussions, virtual and live events; these are converting really, really well as lead magnets.



Any sort of a template that somebody can make their own. How could you create something ready to go that would help a potential client in their day-to-day life?


Popup on Your Website

A live chat while collecting their information in exchange for giving them an opportunity to chat with you directly.


Choose One and GO!

There really are so many options and it's really important to consider what your ideal client might prefer and how best you can help them in a short space of time.

Let us know what you come up with!


Are you just getting started?

And if you are in the early stages of your online business, all of the specifics can become overwhelming...the tech, the lead magnet, choosing a business model.

There is a simple way and a step-by-step process that can get you to where you want to be minus the struggle.

It's our program called SweetLife Launch™.  So when it comes to creating your online business there's no more guessing, no more time wasted, and no more backtracking.

Because you've got dreams to fulfill, and we are here for them!




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