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How To Launch Your Services Online: Small Business Help

Mar 30, 2020

Small businesses are searching for help, and due to our new coronavirus economy, the world has seen an entire shift.  


People are noticing all the online opportunities and they are vast.  Pivoting to offer online services now is strategic and smart.


I’ve been consulting entrepreneurs, small businesses and corporations to create and launch digital  online services for over 12 years, and I want you to understand that online services are not default or second best. 


They’re a smart way to grow your business, reach more people, grow your profit, and expand your company’s capacity. 


This article is meant to do the following:

1. Open your eyes and open the doors to your online business opportunities

2. Help you choose how you’ll offer services online

3. Give you the steps to get started


There are so many options to serve your clients online, but the choices can be overwhelming and it’s hard to...

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Online Business Launch Tips and Revenue Streams

Mar 23, 2020
I know there is a rush to get online and launch a business.  I completely understand. And personally, I believe that an online business is one of the absolute best choices that someone can make. 
But I meet a lot of business owners who’ve worked hard to build the wrong kind of business.  And I don’t want that for you.
My intention is for you to move forward mindfully and in a smart way that works with your life, aligns with your brand, and establishes your business as a leader. 
Online businesses are the new frontier of entrepreneurship but that’s not telling you anything that you don’t already know. But you’ve got to know how to establish your business and how to position yourself strategically in the online space.
I don’t  want you to jump in blindly.  I don’t  want you to waste your time.  And time is money so don't waste your money.
With that in mind there are...
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How To Keep Your Business Moving During COVID-19 (Corona) and Tools To Work From Home

Mar 16, 2020

COVID-19 (Corona) is threatening America and our friends across the world. It's starting to wreak havoc on supply chains, travel and food stores.... and this can be scary. But let's look for the opportunities in the chaos, and business growth in the trials.


You may be feeling a little unsure and uneasy as to how to navigate all of this. Rightfully so. Maybe you're questioning how to grow at a time like this, if growth is even possible, or how to simply continue with your current momentum. 


And as a business owner, you may be forced to operate a bit differently, but all of this has the potential to lead to a bigger bottom line.


You could actually be forced to tap into some big-time scaling opportunities, even if you have been reluctant to previously or simply hadn't planned to under these certain circumstances.


Incorporate New Tactics in Your Local Business

So how exactly do you continue with business as usual if you own a local business that...

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How to Grow Your Business with Pinterest

Mar 09, 2020

Lately, I’ve been talking a lot about marketing and offline strategies.


And as business owners, we should always be looking for strategies and tools that will deepen our online skills.


That’s why I recently interviewed Melanie Fountain, a blog and Pinterest strategist, and we dug deep on how to best utilize this awesome platform.


And let me just begin by saying that I am not a Pinterest person. I may get on Pinterest five times a year.  It's just not something I do on a regular basis.


Sadly, Pinterest isn’t something we have utilized as a company, either.  I have had a Pinterest account, but it just hasn’t been a platform that we've focused on as a company.


Yet, I have always been shocked to check out my business Pinterest account and see the numbers.  I’ve often thought, “Wow, this is a super engaged platform. I should be here more.”


But I wasn’t.  ...

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Five Online Marketing Strategies You Can Count on When All Else Fails

Mar 02, 2020

Online strategies aren't working the way that they used to be working.  

So what do you do when everything you’ve been told to do is failing? 

And do you ever ask yourself the following questions: 

  • “Maybe it’s just me?” 
  • “What am I missing?”
  • “Why can’t I get any traction?”

I get it. In fact, recently my Facebook ads were denied. 

I have a FB ads team of experts… marketing ninjas that know their shit - and our FB ads were stonewalled and not allowed to run. 

The same ads that we’ve run for years to the same program.  No shifty promises in the ads...nothing new, and nothing we could do to change it. 

But that was okay because we have multiple ways we connect with our clients. 

Do you? 

If you’ve followed all the online growth steps and nothing is bringing in business fast enough, you’re not alone.

There are thousands of new businesses struggling to be...

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4 Lies That Could Be Stopping You From Hosting Events That Grow Your Company

Feb 24, 2020

Let’s talk events, shall we?

Because the entrepreneurs out there who are hosting events are killing it!  And I want you to be able to get in on that action, too.

Online businesses have had massive growth in the last few years with no end in sight.  Great news, right?

But here’s the thing.  With everything going on in the virtual space, people are missing personal connections. 

In fact, your tribe is craving that connection that only comes with being in the same room as you, feeding off of your energy, and learning face-to-face.

I understand that this can be a huge, scary step for some of you out there.  I also know that if you have a business, you’ve had to take some scary steps already. 

Trust me when I tell you that I can totally relate.

My husband is the entertainer, not me.

He does the cooking, not me. He plans the hor dourves, not me. He rallies the troops, organizes the schedules, and makes sure the temperature in the room and...

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3 Steps To Build a 6-figure Coaching Business While Working 9-5

Feb 10, 2020

Building a 6-figure coaching business while working a 9-5 may seem impossible, but let me fill you in on a little secret; it isn’t impossible. 


In fact, it is 100% doable, and I recently got the chance to connect with Luisa Zhou who did exactly that. 


While I often discuss building an online coaching business almost daily on the SweetLife Podcast, I don’t always hit on how to do it while still working full time. 


Since I’ve never worked a 9-5 a day in my life, I felt that Louisa Zhou’s perspective on this subject would be invaluable.


About 6 years ago, Luisa took her skills from her then 9-5 and she transitioned those same skills into an insanely profitable online coaching business.


We chatted about the simple steps that you can take to start a coaching business, how to price your first services, and how to scale with a course. 


We also got into what not to do in the process.


The takeaways...

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Top 10 Lessons Learned, From 3 Years Of Podcasting

Jan 13, 2020
3 years, 157 episodes, 18 countries, 120K+ downloads, 500+ hours of podcast production, and here we are! The SweetLife Entrepreneur Podcast™ is turning 3!
We are so grateful to you for tuning in and doing business-life with us for 1095 days. 
Launching this podcast was one of the best business decisions I ever made. It’s a true extension of my why which is “to inspire and equip women to design their life through entrepreneurship”. Producing the podcast is hard work, but because it aligns with my core purpose, it’s the good kind of hard. 
Thank you for those who’ve tuned in, shared our show and continued to trust us to help you grow a profitable lifestyle business. 
I often get asked questions about how I produce the show with 2 busy companies and three teenage boys with massive travel. It’s definitely not easy! This week in the show Britany...
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How to Launch Your Virtual Coaching Business

Nov 09, 2019
It’s that time of year when you assess all that you’ve done and plan your next business goals. As part of this process, I’m here to encourage you to think even bigger for 2020 by scaling your business online to make more money. 
It’s never been easier to be a small business owner. Software is simpler, there are systems you can follow, and the speed in which you can grow and scale your business is lighting fast.
I talk to entrepreneurs all over the world who are pushing themselves to create more results, make more money, and challenge themselves to new professional levels. As the movement of purpose-driven entrepreneurship grows, so does your authority to control and design their life through business success. How well you claim your entrepreneur authority will depend on the strategy you choose and how well you execute it. 
If you’re ready to shake up your local, 1-1, or established service-based business in 2020,...
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A "Niching Hard" Story: How To Expand Your Reach Faster

Jul 30, 2018

I used to resent having a niche market. I got tired of only talking to the same people, interested in the same things... and I was craving more lives to help, more people coming my way, and more professional challenges.

Then, one day, I realized it's inadvertently hit gold... and that starting small was the way I was going to reach more people! 

Cc: 2009 - I owned (and I mean owned) the maternity business consulting industry. I had built the only international consulting firm, strategically designed to coach businesses who market to new and expecting families. I had niched hard and was the go-to expert in this space. Corporations, healthcare firms and doulas from all over the world wanted my programs and business expertise. With no marketing and no ad spend, I had a thriving business that was making bank (that still thrives today!).

The one and only reason for my success?

I niched my target market so specifically... I owned it.

Becoming the go-to expert in one space allowed me...

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