What is a Signature Offer, Course or Program and Why Does Your Company Need One?

What is a signature offer? 

A signature offer or program is a process that you create from your intellectual property that gives your clients transformational results. That offer also allows you to establish yourself as an expert in your space. It is important to note that no matter where you are in your business, your company needs a signature offer as it will propel your business in your market and in your niche. 

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What a signature offer is and what it is not.

In order to gain the desired results from your signature offer, you need to ensure you are creating a true signature offer. In order to do that you need to know what a signature offer is and what it is not.

  • A signature offer extracts your expertise.
  • It is derived from your intellectual property. This will include your experience in your particular area. So this will not only include your wins but also your losses and how you overcame those losses.
  • Your signature offer is unique. That means you should be offering something to your clients that none else is offering. And your signature offer will give your clients results that cannot be achieved with any other program out there.
  • A true signature offer disrupts your niche by either improving, simplifying, or changes the way things have been done in order to get better results.
  • A signature offer provides predictable transformational results people can count on
  • A signature offer meets the profit goals that your company has set
  • A signature offer is something you want to be known for


But it is not enough to know what a signature offer is. To make things clearer you also need to know what a signature offer is not in order to determine if you have actually have a true signature offer.


  • A signature offer is not a copycat program of what everyone else is doing
  • A program is not a signature offer just because it is popular and trending
  • Currently having a main offer doesn't automatically mean that it is your signature offer
  • Your first offer does not mean it is automatically your signature offer
  • If you only have one offer now, this does not mean it's your signature offer


The most important thing to note is that your signature offer should be uncommon but it should solve a common problem. You are getting people results with your own intellectual property in a way that no other company or program is doing it.


Which signature offer is best for your company?

There are two types of signature offers; foundational signature offer or program and influencing signature offer or program. You need to determine which offer you fall into. Once you do this it will help you to get more clarity in your business.

Foundational Signature Offer

This offer is ideal for new businesses entering the market or establishes businesses going from offline to online. Foundational Signature Offers are less robust than most programs out there. 

What makes this type offer ideal for new business is that it allows you to gain confidence in what you are doing and to test out your new marketplace. Think of your foundational offer as an introduction to not only your offer but your company and the services you provide.

However, understand that because your offer is a foundational one it does not mean it cannot make your business great profits. Having a foundational offer simply means you are setting the expectations of the new marketplace that you are in.

Influencing Signature Offer

An influential offer makes you known as the leader in your space. This offer is ideal for those who are speakers, writers, coaches, or consultants who have extensive experience in getting amazing results for their clients over the years. This is also for those who have tested their product and content and want to expand their reach.


How to determine your signature offer or program?


Determine if you have a current signature offer.

You will be able to tell if this is a true signature offer if your offer meets the criteria highlighted earlier. If it does, then you need to figure out the best ways to market it and to position it as a leading offer.


However, if you do not have a signature offer, you need to start looking at your current offers to see if any can become your signature offer. I would recommend using a current offer as it is less taxing than creating a whole new offer.


You would be making use of your current assets and content that is already available within your business. So identify that possible offer and look for ways to improve that offer.


Is this current offer something you want to be known for in your niche?

When people think of your current offer, what do they automatically think that you do? Whether you have a signature offer or you are looking to create one, you need to ask yourself do you want your company to be known for this offer? If the answer is "no," then think about recreating your signature offer.


Success is one decision away.

Based on the answers you have provided you will know what offer is right for you. And if you would like to get your signature offer or program off the ground faster, you can sign up for my signature offer master class at www.signatureoffer.com.


No matter what business phase your company is in, every business needs a signature offer. Launching a signature offer can be a source of great income for your company once you launch the right one in the right way. The type of signature offer you choose will highly depend or your expertise, your business development phase, and your place in the market.

Whether you move ahead on your own or if you invest in the help to get there faster, just take the next right step. Because I know that having a successful business truly is ONE DECISION AWAY.


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